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Personalised Light Language | Addictions


Addictions, phobias, and eating disorders are patterns or programs held in the brain, DNA, or cells of the body. They arrive there as a result of a past life trauma–either in this incarnation or on another timeline. To effectively treat an addiction, there needs to be a full-on approach that involves accountability, encouragement, physical detox, talk therapy, and spiritual awakening. Light language speaks to the cells of the body. It can alter dysfunctional brain activity, shift molecular patterns in the DNA and rearrange harmonic structures in the pain body on a quantum level. On an energetic or etheric level, I work with my spirit guidance team to clear the distorted patterns of information or programming that has been imprinted on the soul records or cells of the body. We go back to the origin of the addiction and clear it on all timelines, dimensions, and incarnations. The results are noticeable. Many clients feel a shift during the session. The process is ongoing as new codes are downloaded and activated. It may take some tweaking, just like when you get a new operating system on your computer and then updates come out to further correct or improve function. (find out more in FAQs) If you are struggling with addiction please seek additional, professional care. Use this audio as a supplement to releasing addictive patterns and behaviours in your life.


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