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Personalised | The Wound of Injustice


When I suffer from the wound of injustice, I am very perfectionist and I want to live in a perfect world and above all do things to perfection. I give the appearance of being optimistic even if nothing is going well. I don't want to feel so as not to suffer, so I close myself off to my emotions and become rigid. I tend to run away from my own inner world. I don't respect his limits but I know how to control myself easily. I really can't stand judgment, but if I'm honest I can see that I'm often judgmental. . Essential psychological reality: In injustice, I am no longer connected to the divine core or embryonic cell. I will have to learn to reconnect with it. I am often rigid and unfair to myself and I judge myself easily. Essential energetic reality: my aura seems very beautiful and yet it is still and rigid. I put up a wall around myself so I wouldn't feel. Moreover, the even layers of my aura are atrophied.


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