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Akashic Record -Activation of your greatest assets


This capsule is part energy clearing & healing, light language, and a full energetic activation. For those seeking clarity and knowledge of Self and the Universe, this light language transmission will assist in connecting you to the Akashic records. This compendium of universal experience (events, thoughts, emotions, and intentions) spans the entirety of past, present and future for all life forms, not just humans. If you seek assistance in connecting to the Akashic records in your spiritual practices then this light language is for you. If you have any barriers to the connection then these will be cleared until you connect effortlessly with intention. In this transmission you will get a soul template activation awakening dormant deep cellular memory, releasing negative records from your Akashic records, retrieving your greatest soul’s assets and strengthening existing ones. This has 1 audio activation (20-26 mins) and can be downloaded and saved to your device to use anytime you wish. Designed to use as a regular practice. This Light language is Copyright protected and CANNOT be shared without authorised consent from the Creator, Cindy Theodore. PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.



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