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Heart chakra Activation


This capsule is part energy clearing & healing, light language, and a full energetic activation. Many religious and spiritual paths talk about the importance of the heart, as this is the place which allows us to tap into and connect with the divine. Most of us experienced trauma, pain and heartbreak to a certain degree, and as many of you might have realised, the result of such difficult experiences can be that we end up closing our heart out of fear of being hurt once again. We then build various heart walls which the ego sees as protection, but that actually block us from receiving and giving love, and we end up prisoners, confined behind walls we ourselves created. This transmission will assist you with all of that and even more. It will help you: - Heal and clear the heart of trauma, pain and sadness - Remove all heart walls that are ready to be released at this time - Heal the broken heart and call back all soul fragments that were lost - Forgive anyone who might have wronged or hurt you - Open the heart to compassion for self and others - Tap into and live from the essence of the heart and its infinite wisdom - Bring the heart and the mind into union - And hear the guiding whispers of the heart more clearly. This has 1 audio activation (20-26 mins) and can be downloaded and saved to your device to use anytime you wish. Designed to use as a regular practice. This Light language is Copyright protected and CANNOT be shared without authorised consent from the Creator, Cindy Theodore. PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.


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