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Personalised | The Wound of Humiliation


When I suffer from the wound of humiliation, I feel responsible for everything that happens, even guilt. I take care of others long before I take care of myself. I repress my own needs for fear of losing control or being ashamed. I sometimes have difficulty differentiating myself from others and am hypersensitive. I can pose as a victim. I tend to humiliate myself, punish myself, even sabotage myself. I have masochistic behavior. Very often others make fun of me. And I can respond with “jabs” when I feel angry. Sometimes, I can believe that it is others, or even a higher authority (God...) who punishes me. Essential psychological reality: Often one of my parents gave me conditional love and was able to consider me as an extension of himself. Often out of love, I left a piece of my soul to one of my two parents, often out of love (a good energy specialist should be able to easily help you) and I have difficulty differentiating myself from others. I easily tend to humiliate myself, or even feel ashamed of myself. Essential energetic reality: I lock myself in my own body like in a prison. I allow my hara line or intention line to flow out of my own body to better meet the needs of others.


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