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Personalised Light Language | Insomnia


Improve sleep quality, specifically by staying asleep for longer periods without waking. Healing intention: Sleep Through the Night – Improved Sleep A personalised light language designed, sequenced and filmed just for you, is the opportunity for people to order a custom light language transmission- like the ones on my YouTube channel This custom transmission include: *25-30mins audio download, designed to use as a regular practice *A short written intuitive report The Personal Light Language Activations have two main focuses: Healing: We explore and release the limitations within your soul field. This can present as past life trauma, ancestral trauma, thoughts, beliefs, imprints, or any other compromises in your energy + soul field. Activation: We awaken + activate new seeds of your Light Language. You will have an experience of your Light Codes, the essence (light) that you are here to anchor into the earth. New portals will be opened within you, and you will receive clarity around your soul purpose and the being(s) of Light who are channelling information through you to support your soul's purpose. Light Language is coded in frequency. Not in words. It is felt in the soul and body. And activates you at a vibrational level. Each personal transmission allows the energy to shift, activate and awaken you at subtle energetic levels, communicating with your DNA and unconscious mind. (find out more in FAQs)



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