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Releasing Scarcity Mindset


This capsule is part energy clearing & healing, light language, and a full energetic activation. This light language energy transmission is intended to call positive money flow to you at this moment. This energy is to attract physical money and monetary products to increase personal wealth and abundance in physical form. We have agreed to play with money for a variety of reasons on a global scale and yet it is still just a form of energy and energetic exchange that can be energetically influenced. This light language will work multi-dimensionally to clear the blocks preventing one from receiving exponentially increasing abundance, transmute all experiences past, present and future causing negative financial flow and align the stars to bring forth increased physical abundance in this moment. - Repair Your Relationship with Money - Release Fears that are Repelling Money - Removing Limited Beliefs about Money/Finances - Removing Limited Beliefs about Working Hard - Release Guilt and Struggle Energy - Release Regret and Worry Energy - Attract Wealth, Abundance and Physical Money - Money Magnet Activation “I am a Money Magnet” - Financial Freedom Activation “I am FREE” Open yourself up to Financial Freedom! Reprogram your mind body to allow you to receive the abundant life that is yours by divine right. This has 1 audio activation (20-26 mins) and can be downloaded and saved to your device to use anytime you wish. Designed to use as a regular practice. This Light language is Copyright protected and CANNOT be shared without authorised consent from the Creator, Cindy Theodore. PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.


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