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Cindy Theodore, Reiki Master Teacher.

I am a mother of two boys and I have been a Reiki Master/TeacherI since 2018. I love teaching Reiki level 1 to kids who are great channels.

I also work as a transformational therapist running online group healing session, mentoring people from all walks of life overcome fear, grief, anxiety, trauma, stress or life changing events. 

Having completed my trainings mostly at the Arthur Findlay College and the College of Psychic studies, I use the tools of life coaching, mediumship and reiki healing to help people.

I am a registered practitioner and a full member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA); insured with Balens.

I holds DBS check and first aid training.

Education Is A Mission:
Guiding Every Being to Find Themselves

"It has always been easier for me naturally to be in contact with children, a bit like a magnetic attraction between us which cannot be explained by words but which is lived intensely, eye to the non-verbal … telepathically!"

Reiki is a special gift I share with my children. They call it magic touch and they love it. I have seen first hand the benefits of Reiki attunement on my children.

My main objective is to enable children to take care of themselves and guide them on their path, be in sync with their natural abilities and to fortify these abilities.

I teach small classes of 10 students to be able to give individual attention to each student. This allows each student to realise and develop their potential using their unique gift or calling. I interview children before accepting them into the class to make sure it is something they want to do. Also, It is important for children to have an adult sponsor, a person who can assist and support their Reiki life.

Children love Reiki. It can teach them many qualities such as compassion, patience, kindness, understanding, and unconditional love. It will teach them how to soothe their emotions naturally,relax and realise their personal power. Reiki guides children to their highest potential. Children are less inhibited and more accepting than most adults and they have a natural ability to let go and surrender to Reiki energy. 
Reiki is a tool they can use at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and as a quick energy boost.

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