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The benefits of Reiki for your child

As an educator or teaching professional, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a beautiful difference in the lives of the next generation

Introduce Reiki to your children: they will be happy to receive it and to share the benefits with their friends or to build around Reiki a privileged moment of exchange with you.

Why teach Reiki to children?

Reiki has existed in each of us since our birth. The proof is that, when we bump into something, what is our instinctive reaction? We put our hand on the painful place. Reiki is as simple as that! However, our society does not maintain this natural process, quite the contrary! When we are in pain somewhere, the easy solution is to take medicine!

Learning Reiki is therefore taking advantage of this healing force that is in each of us. To introduce Reiki to your child is to make him aware of his inner power, and it is a wonderful gift for all his life. He will be happy to receive it, like to share it with his friends, his pet or for a privileged moment with his parents.

Children are aware of their lives, which are often stressful (school problems, communication difficulties, family conflicts, dramatic events distilled by the media, etc.) and they greatly need a simple tool, within their reach, which will teach them to " let go”, to relax and trust. Similarly, they also feel concerned by the living conditions of certain animals or by pollution. Their main objectives are generally to treat their “bobos”, their small and big “hassles” but also their pets.

In this practice, children are serious and focused on the capacity they have to give well-being to others. Reiki courses are always an opportunity to share moments of joy and complicity.

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This course is aimed at children from 9 to 12 years old and teenagers from 13 to 17 years old.

It is desirable that someone close to the child is already initiated at least to the first degree of Reiki, for a follow-up with him after the course. With regard to children whose families are not familiar or initiated to Reiki, it is possible to plan with one of the parents a pre-workshop interview in order to explain what Reiki is and what it consists of exactly, so that you can support your child in the education he has received. It is also possible for parents who would be interested in this process to be trained in the 1st degree of Reiki.


This is a fun course where I approach Reiki with a spirit of discovery and lightness and where I teach children the basics of Reiki in a simple, refined and understandable way for them. Children are very instinctive and very sensitive to energy. They immediately feel what will bring them the well-being they are looking for. That is why they like this method very much. Children and adolescents have a simpler and more instinctive approach to energy healing than adults. They have no preconceptions, they know what is good for them. Learning is made simpler and lighter thanks to the alternation of energy exercises, playful Reiki practices, interspersed with short meditations, some colouring breaks and a snack.


It is important that the approach comes from the child and not from the projection of his parent's wishes. Children who want to learn Reiki are often familiar with energy because one or both parents, or someone close to them, already practise Reiki or another type of healing modality. They decide to do the course to be able to give Reiki to themselves. It is for the child, essentially a personal step, it is not intended to make him a therapist.

The class is 50% supervised hands-on practice.  After taking this class your child will be able to practise Reiki on him or herself and also give Reiki sessions to others including pets, and effectively treat long-standing conditions as well as injuries requiring immediate aid. Practising Self-Reiki builds self-esteem, removes anxiety, aids with life's tensions & the challenges of growing up & increases the belief in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals and dreams.


  • Reiki Principles 

  • What is Reiki explained and how it can be used

  • How is works, we are all born with Reiki in us, the attunements allow us to 'tune in' to the universal energy, much like tuning into a radio station

  • How much fun & benefit can be gained from positive thinking and how to use it in every day life and when life produces challenges

  • An introduction to energy and exercises they can do

  • A brief history of Reiki

  • Explanation of the main seven Chakra's

  • Learning how to perform Self-Reiki & the breathing techniques that help

  • Hand positions for self healing practice

  • Learning about self-esteem and inner confidence

  • Attunements - explained & the ceremony for each of them

  • An internationally/Professionally recognised Reiki 1 Certificate  

The cost of the training is £100.00 per child (£85 per sibling) and includes a recognised Reiki Certificate, a Reiki manual and also a surprise gift for each child. The course, in the form of a playful workshop through artistic expression, movement and sound, will take place as an after school, for 10 weeks. Space is limited. Registrations accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

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