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 7 dimension workshops
to unleash entrepreneurial energy

Strength and firmness in action, which makes it effective. ➙ determination, dynamism, will.

Physical vitality. ➙ vigor. Feeling full of energy.

Sciences: Character of a material system capable of producing work.

The energy of the chakras or nadis

are energy channels in which Vital Energy circulates. They intersect to allow energy to circulate freely, and at certain points of contact, of exchange between these energy “vessels”, undergo successive transformations and interactions which will create the entire dynamic of the whole.

For Chakabiz , the energy of the company is the dynamic process that connects all the dimensions of its existence.

Chakrabiiz™ draws inspiration from ancestral wisdom and adapts it to today's systems to give meaning to our actions, reconnect with our essence and work for a better world.

The notion of chakra brings together the different dimensions of vitality and the development of being.
These notions transposed to the company shed light on the 7 dimensions necessary for the vitality, development, and influence of their existence.

With the contribution of ancient fundamental concepts, dynamic practices and various theories, Chakrabiiz™ offers a new reading of Organisations. It opens a different perspective, more aligned with today’s challenges.
Its mission is to support entrepreneurs in their development to deploy their full potential useful to the world.

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The 7 dimensions of a Business

Third eye chakra.png


3rd eye chakra

Ability to anticipate, be a precursor

Effect on innovation

Heart Chakra.png


Heart chakra

Interpersonal connections

Ability to create and maintain a positive relational dynamic

Effect on team cohesion

Sacral Chakra.png


Sacral Chakra

Adaptation - Motivation
Ability to move and change

Effect on organisational responsiveness

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 10.37.55.png
root chakra symbol.png
Crown chakra.png


Crown chakra

Value - Social utility
Capacity for presence, visibility
Effect on notoriety, image

throat chakra.png


Throat chakra

Ability to evaluate
Effect information diffusion

Solar Plexus Chakra.png


Solar Plexus chakra

Decision - Leadership
Ability to do, to act, to implement

Effect on notoriety, image

Root chakra
Materials - Finances
Ability to realise, capitalise
Effect on the durability of the structure



What Chakrabiz™ offers is unique

Image by Milad Fakurian

The cognitive

The  cognitive with theoretical contributions to understand, open your thought pattern, find solutions and avenues of action

The Chakrabiiz™ method

It is a global, holistic approach that mobilises body, mind and senses to release the vibrational energy conducive to creativity:

  • Soothe the clutter mind which prevents the new

  • Feel, awaken your senses to perceive, open yourself to the possible

  • Balance, raise awareness, discover and discover your potential to create

  • Radiate, assume, express your power

Image by Ahmad Odeh


The body to liberate, unwind energy, experience joy and pleasure

Image by Katerina May


The sensitive to delve into the heart of oneself and soothe one's mind and internal tensions

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The relationship

To exchange, support each other, network, experience a unique moment collectively, share with peers

Image by Edz Norton


Extrasensory to develop your intuition, open up to your creative inner child



The auditory, the vibratory power of sound to "clean your cells", let go of the mind and release creativity


One workshop per week for 7 weeks on Monday from 10am to 5.30pm


Dates to be confirmed

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦
Image by Alexis Brown
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