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Singing Bowl


Step away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives and sink into an empowering and transformational healing. This special workshop will combine the two powerful practices of Reiki and Shamanic drumming.

Please join us for a deeply relaxing experience, leading you to a feel rejuvenated and restored. Soothing tones from the chakra tuned  shamanic drum infused with the deeply healing energies of Reiki will gently rebalance your body’s energy centres promoting physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Originating from Japan, Reiki is a beautiful ancient technique which works with pure love and universal energy to help balance your emotions, bringing harmony and peace back into your life.

The Reiki experience lead by Bellawill consist of a combination of hands-on & hands-off techniques using 3 Reiki symbols connecting you with the ancient energies of the universe. To enhance the healing, Bellai will play deeply restorative and transformational vibrational sounds guiding you to reflect inwards offering the opportunity to let go.


• Reduce pain and stress
• Balance energy systems
• Improve concentration
• Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleaning
• Aids better sleep
• Assist the body in cleaning itself from toxins and supports the immune system
• For adults with learning difficulties, it gives them a chance to connect and communicate in a different way.

Cancellation Policy:

Any bookings fees for any REIKI the PEOPLE Courses, Training, Workshop, Retreat, product, service and other events are non-refundable. A registration is transferable to another date or event hosted by REIKI the PEOPLE. (Exclusive Class packs)
Special medical circumstances will be reviewed to waive our policy.

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