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75 mins

About the Course


Step away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives and sink into an empowering and transformational healing.


Combining Reiki and Drumming creates the Reiki Drum Technique, utilising the drum to introduce Reiki energy into a person’s energy field to bring about deep relaxation thereby releasing deep seated tensions and achieving homeostasis. The drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimal vibration. Research has indicated that even drumming for a short period of time can induce an ‘alpha state’, those brain waves associated with euphoria.


Shamanism is the oldest practice in the world intended to repair wounds of the soul. To the sound of drums and accompanied by our songs, you will explore your inner universe. Your soul will be nourished by these beautiful vibrations to release the emotional and energetic blockages that hinder your happiness.

We accompany you through these vibrational sounds to rediscover your intrinsic nature through joy, vibration, connection.

What to expect? I combine Shamanic Drumming with the Art of Tea to create spiritual ceremonies that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you connect with your inner selves. Using the rhythmic beat of the drum to bring you into a relaxed state and then taking a mind journey into the world of spirit, you can seek wisdom and healing from your spiritual guides and helpers. The journeys will be guided, you will just need to relax and allow yourself to receive healing and guidance from the guides that you will meet.

It is easy to follow along even if you have never done a shamanic journey before. We will invite the guides in and then travel to spend time with them. You may meet your spirit animal or other guides who can help guide you on your life path. 

It is an intense evening with different phases that complement each other: opening of the heart, journey to drums and dance, reiki healing and shamanic journey. Each participant will receive a purification and energetic cleansing treatment during this exceptional evening.

Dress code: Please wear loose clothes and bring a water bottle, blanket, journal and pen.  Participants will be invited to sit or lie down on a yoga mat. Note you will be asked to remove your shoes at the entrance of the yoga studio.

When: 1st Friday of the month 

Time: 7.30pm-8.45pm

Cost: £35 per person 

Where: Ikshana-Wellbeing, 96 North Side Wandsworth Common, SW18 2QU London, UK.1st floor (access through gate off Huguenot Place then across courtyard and in through white doors) This is a small private studio in a church in South West London, just a few minutes walk from Wandsworth Town Station. Entrance through the courtyard to the right hand side of the building and up the stairs at the back. PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES BEFOREHAND TO MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE. WE ARE UNFORTUNATELY UNABLE TO ACCEPT LATE COMERS AND WILL BE SHUTTING THE DOORS AT 7.25PM - PLEASE ARRIVE IN GOOD TIME

To learn more about Reiki and its benefits please read:

Your Instructor

Cindy Theodore

Reiki Master Teacher

Cindy Theodore
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