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Cutting energetic cords formed by unhealthy attachments and manipulative relationships

All of us are emotionally and rationally connected by invisible threads of energy that run through different parts of our physical and emotional bodies. These threads link us with those who are, or have been, closest to us. They could be attached to those still living, or perhaps the deceased and ancestors, or even to relationships we had in past lives. 

When we have a healthy interpersonal relationship of mutual love, respect, and support, it can empower us. However, if the relationship is manipulative, energetically draining or unsupportive, we must cut the cords. These cords are not healthy and they limit our life force.

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Why should you consider coming for this shamanic healing session?

  • You feel tormented by the memory of a particular person

  • Do you think about it all the time? Their image and energy suddenly flood your space when you least expect it? Do you feel the need to disconnect?

  • You are experiencing physical symptoms of discomfort as a result of connections that don't feed your higher purpose.

What happens in a shamanic healing session with me?

In this shamanic journey to the heart centre, we will tend to a relationship that needs an energetic shift.  Whether a complete cutting of the energetic chord is needed, or a release and re-connection is desired, this space will guide you all along the way and awaken your abilities to shift your energetic connections at any time.

One form of shamanic practice is to use sacred sound as a healing modality. Common instruments used are drums & other percussion, singing bowls, various forms of vocals such as toning, singing & chanting, rattles, didgeridoo, gongs, bells, chimes, etc.. I utilise many of these in addition to light language.

Light language is a type of vibration language which moves beyond the linear mind to speak to the intuitive mind, symbolic and subconscious right brain which is often neglected in our society.

Accessing the subconscious mind this way allows for the conscious left brain to relax and let go, opening up the doorway to deeper repressed experiences.

This language is similar to Icaros in Peruvian shamanism, used in the Andes mountains and amazon jungle. These light languages speak to the soul and activate deeper remembrance of the spiritual self, like a lullaby to the spirit.


Booking are usually on Weekdays 11am, but some evening appointments are available for international clients. Please send me your time preferences when contacting me.

1 x 75-90 mins – £125

Terms and Conditions:

  • All sessions are online only.

  • Sessions are available online via Zoom (Whatsapp or Facetime also available). 

  • Full payment must be paid at the time of purchasing your session. 

  • A 48-hour notice period is required to reschedule a booking. 

  • Any PayPal fees are deducted from refunds.

  • Cindy’s preferred method of communication is via email at:

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