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Personalised Light Language | Sexual Trauma

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All of life’s experiences are recorded in the Akashic records. Trauma and abuse of any kind is stored in the cellular memory of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The codes delivered in this 25-minute video for healing sexual trauma helps to release and transmute the detrimental energy from the body, subtle bodies, and electromagnetic field. They also have the ability to re-script the Akashic records whereby all that remains of the experience are the lessons that the soul needed to learn and grow. With the quantum energy to walk you through generating and accepting more love for yourself and to begin the process of forgiveness, this light language transmission will help support anyone who has been a victim of sexual trauma. If you are looking for an alternative manner to deal with the energetic aspect of this experience, this is a great way to start. Light Language is coded in frequency. Not in words. It is felt in the soul and body. And activates you at a vibrational level. Each personal transmission allows the energy to shift, activate and awaken you at subtle energetic levels, communicating with your DNA and unconscious mind. (find out more in FAQs) This custom transmission include: *25-30mins audio download, designed to use as a regular practice *A short written intuitive report


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