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Soul retrieval is important for healing trauma. Traumatic experiences can shock the soul and cause soul loss. This is when the soul fragments into many pieces that can get lost in different spiritual dimensions. This shamanic healing practice will retrieve and integrate these lost parts of your soul back into your body so you can embody yourself fully again. You will experience a greater sense of clarity, presence and wellbeing as a result. This light language transmission will help bring back your lost soul fragments. The process of soul fragment retrieval has been practised in many indigenous and shamanic cultures and is an essential part of our healing journey and return to wholeness. We will also look into reintegrating the soul aspects that we consciously chose not to incarnate with. This usually happens because the high vibration and intensity of our soul could have caused damage to either our birth mother or ourselves, if our whole soul was to incarnate at once at the time of our birth. This can happen when a high dimensional soul chooses to incarnate in order to be of service on this earth plane, but carries a much higher potency and vibration that the mother. This activation includes 3 audio can be downloaded and saved: *Clearing and Healing of Soul Trauma as well as Soul Hijacking (resignation, depression, ego...) *Calling in of your Soul Fragments, and with the help of your Higher Self, the process of Soul Reintegration and overall Harmonisation, and *High Soul Aspect Reintegration. This ritual will ask you to go back in time, in order to meet a part of you that was injured at a “T” moment in your life. Each time you perform this ritual, you will visit a traumatic moment in your life, in order to face it and turn the situation into something positive. It may be an event that occurred in your current life, or it may be discovering a traumatic event from a previous life that is polluting your current life; these are karmic wounds.


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