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Mind,Body and Soul 
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Therapy, Sound and Energy Healing

Helping you heal and release emotional blockages affecting your mind, body, spirit & energy so you can feel a whole lot lighter, grounded, clear, free, and be your best self.

  • As someone who has a lot on their plate, and gives a lot of energy to others, it’s easy to often become spread too thin, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, lost, and dealing with so many emotions.

  • And when this happens? Well, you might be experiencing some of these issues caused by this right now

  • You feel burnout and this is playing out at work, home, family in relationships, and life.

  • You may be caught in a cycle of unhealthy behaviors - be that in past relationships, poor eating patterns, or trouble sleeping.

  • You are lashing out and/or carrying emotions.

  • You may feel exhausted and like you just want to shut off and struggle to be present.

  • You feel like you are unable to achieve your goals and intentions. 

  • You feel like you don’t know yourself and are lost in direction.

  • And overall you might be feeling like you could use an energy cleanse. 

  • If you are nodding your head to the above, we want to say we get it, we’ve been there and we can tell you, it can get a whole lot better. 

  • Le Studio exists to help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

  • Through a series of energy healing sessions and tools for self-growth, you'll finally be able to lighten the metaphorical and literal weight on your shoulders, feel significantly less stressed, experience less pain and/or discomfort in your body, HEAL, feel more grounded, and have a real chance to connect with your true self, develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, leading you to find more happiness, purpose and a life where your heart feels full. And it would be a real pleasure for us to support you on your journey.


I am a mother of seven year old twins, one with additional needs and a very poor sleeper. I took a private one to one Reiki 1 course with Cindy because I was seeking a tool to support my children, in particular my special boy, on a daily basis.

I found the Relax with Reiki class with Cindy really wonderful and I will be certainly going in the future and would highly recommend it. Cindy was warm and welcoming and highly experienced.

Relax with Reiki was an absolutely fantastic experience! Cindy has such a calming energy, she made us all feel extreemly comfortable, she explained each stage clearly. I left feeling unbelievably refreshed, calm and energised ✨ Thank you SO much, I cannot wait for the next session!

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Hi, I'm Cindy

I received my Reiki attunement in 2018, and I’ve been helping people since 2016. However, I don’t call REIKI the PEOPLE my "business."

I call it my LIFE PRACTICE, because every experience in my life has been preparing me to help people on their healing journey.

I specifically help individuals heal trauma stored in their Autonomic Nervous System using Reiki, but Reiki is able to help heal so much more than just trauma!

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