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12 weeks program to release your blockages and integrate learning that you can use in your personal and professional life. Finally get rid of your physical, mental and spiritual blockages and suffering thanks to energetic autonomy.


EnergyWorks® is a method of freeing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes but also from blocked connections and situations. The method finds its origins in mindfulness and energetic knowledge. ‍

It is based on the principle that subtle sensations within the body are the key to the liberation and change that each being is ready to manifest in their life and that everything has a reason for being.

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Do you feel that you are enduring your life, that the same patterns are repeating themselves? Do you feel a certain discomfort or a loss of meaning? Do you experience repeated physical pain? Are your emotions overwhelming you? Rest assured, this only happens to you because you have not yet learned self-control or perhaps only mentally... But the mind clearly has its limits in the process of liberation!


Your body expresses itself and unlike your mind, it does not lie to you! He will never make you believe that everything is fine when it is not! If you don't feel good in your life, it will make you understand sooner or later... An illness, a compression in your throat or in your chest, a stomach ache... It contains all the messages that you need to take into consideration to live a life aligned with yourself!


Your body communicates through energetic vibrations that you can feel through the sensations occurring in your body.


If you have already realised that the mind alone will not be able to free you from your blockages, then... You are in the right place! Read more

EnergyWorks® can be used occasionally, in response to a specific need but above all integrated into daily life, it allows you to enter a process of self-healing and full health.

Don't wait any longer to be free

Invest in yourself once, reap the benefits for a lifetime.​​

or payment plan of 3 x £750

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