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Balance the mind and soul with our new 7 Charkra Crystal  Bracelet.


A chakra crystal bracelet can help balance and align the main seven chakras in your body. Each chakra is associated with a specific colour and energy center, and wearing a bracelet with corresponding gemstones can help promote the flow of energy throughout your body.

The benefits of wearing a Chakra healing bracelet are great, you may experience increased vitality, mental clarity, and emotional stability. You may also notice improvements in physical symptoms related to stress, improved Physical Health and Emotional Balance


Every bracelet is handmade, cleansed, blessed and infused with the highest level of channelled Reiki healing energy.



  • FREE printed information on the crystals metaphysical properties, how care for, cleanse your crystals.
  • Gift packaged in a luxury microfiber pouch
  • One size stretch bracelet


7 Chakra Crystal Bracelet

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