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Release the 5 wounds of the Soul that prevent you from being yourself with Shamanism

Each of us carries, deep within our being, 5 existential wounds buried since early childhood, the harmful effects of which can last throughout our lives without our knowledge:

  • Rejection

  • Abandonment

  • Treason

  • Humiliation

  • Injustice

To no longer consciously feel these sufferings, we reflexively repress them, by wearing a “mask” of defence for each of them. However, not only does this mechanism negatively feed our wounds, but they also cut us off from our most authentic and precious part.

Releasing the wounds that have the most impact on a daily basis (for total liberation, the best is to heal them all) allows us to deploy our highest potential, that of our Soul.

The concept of the 5 wounds comes from the work of psychiatrist John Pierrakos (1921-2001), then was taken up and widely disseminated by Lise Bourbeau in the 1980s and 1990s. My personal way of approaching this fundamental work on oneself is both psychological and spiritual. My liberation protocols come from the Shamanic Approach.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Why should you consider coming for this shamanic healing session?

  • Free yourself from your repetition patterns, your stubborn blockages, as well as the deep anchors that prevent you from fully realising yourself

  • Deactivate at the same time as each injury the entire range of painful emotions, limiting thoughts and unfortunate behaviours that it generates.

  • to release the charge and pain from these 5 soul wounds.

  • Integrating the healing and creating something new

What happens in a shamanic healing session with me?

1- Understanding the wound, its origin, its manifestations and its consequences:
I share with you the psychological foundations that underlie each wound, but also its spiritual dimension.


2- Wound release treatment: I accompany you towards an unprecedented opening to yourself, during a transformative journey into a state of shamanic consciousness, during which:

  • you are connected to the source of your injury, while remaining grounded and comfortable

  • we “de-crystallise” the different aspects of the wound and its consequences

  • we install the resource fields at all levels of your being

During this process, your brain produces endorphins which bring about your state of total well-being; you experience a kind of waking dream that triggers the positive transformation to which you aspire. There are no contraindications to this treatment protocol. (except cases of serious personality disorders which fall under psychiatry)


3-Creation for purification of emotional, mental and cellular memories


One form of shamanic practice is to use sacred sound as a healing modality. Common instruments used are drums & other percussion, singing bowls, various forms of vocals such as toning, singing & chanting, rattles, didgeridoo, gongs, bells, chimes, etc.. I utilise many of these in addition to light language.

Light language is a type of vibration language which moves beyond the linear mind to speak to the intuitive mind, symbolic and subconscious right brain which is often neglected in our society.

Accessing the subconscious mind this way allows for the conscious left brain to relax and let go, opening up the doorway to deeper repressed experiences.

This language is similar to Icaros in Peruvian shamanism, used in the Andes mountains and amazon jungle. These light languages speak to the soul and activate deeper remembrance of the spiritual self, like a lullaby to the spirit.


Booking are usually on Weekdays 11am, but some evening appointments are available for international clients. Please send me your time preferences when contacting me.

1 x 75-90 mins – £125

Terms and Conditions:

  • All sessions are online only.

  • Sessions are available online via Zoom (Whatsapp or Facetime also available). 

  • Full payment must be paid at the time of purchasing your session. 

  • A 48-hour notice period is required to reschedule a booking. 

  • Any PayPal fees are deducted from refunds.

  • Cindy’s preferred method of communication is via email at:

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
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