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Light-workers, Starseeds, spiritual seekers, seers, soul searchers, metaphysical practitioners, empaths, learners and teachers are all around

Join me for a beautiful Monthly Group Ascension Portal. 

Supporting the collective in their Ascension journey.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday January 25, 2024: Wolf Moon 7pm UK time

Saturday February 24, 2024: Snow Moon or Snow Moon 7pm UK time

Monday March 25, 2024: Worm Moon 7pm UK time

Tuesday April 23, 2024: Pink Moon 7pm UK time

Thursday May 23, 2024: Flower Moon 7pm UK time

Friday June 21, 2024: Strawberry Moon 7pm UK time

Sunday July 21, 2024: Deer Moon 7pm UK time

Monday August 19, 2024: Super Sturgeon Moon , a seasonal blue moon 7pm UK time

Tuesday September 17, 2024: Super Harvester Moon 7pm UK time

Thursday October 17, 2024: Super Hunter Moon 7pm UK time

Friday November 15, 2024: Super Beaver Moon 7pm UK time

Sunday December 15, 2024: Hail Moon 7pm UK time

( please use a time zone converter to check your time zone)
For the different timezones, click the below link and choose the time:
– BST (British Standard Time)
– EST (Eastern Standard Time)
– ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time)
 PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Each time we journey within these ceremonies, they will hold a different energy.

The power of GROUPS amplifies the energy that is called into these types of container.

And it is a way that I can support more people that want to experience a LIVE healing/ activation session

Each session will hold its own personal energy. We will begin by opening the sacred portal, setting intentions, and then you will be invited to simply surrender and experience the quantum energy healing and activation that is being anchored in the seance.

Each Month I will open a new Portal, for those who are joining us. You will receive a 90min LIVE group session, with a replay available for those who can't join us live.

If you can't join us live, you can still receive the full healing & activation! Energy is Energy, Healing is Healing - you don't need to be live to receive it.

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Notepad and Pen, Water and anything else to make you comfortable. Please ensure you have a space set up that you can surrender into. This is an activation portal - not a teaching space - so you will be laying down for the whole session.

Please ensure you are online and ready to go 5 minutes before the session is due to start. If you are unsure of the time, please use time zone converter to find out your time zone.

I will leave the waiting room open for 5 minutes after starting time. After that, to protect the energy of the seance, no one will be admitted into the live, however the replay will be available.

Any other questions, please feel free to email us at

What to expect from the Ascension Portal...

Every Ceremony is fully channeled, and will be different each time.
Some things we may journey with:

  • Clearing your energetic field

  • Activating dormant energy

  • Activating your Light Body

  • Protect your energy and placing energetic boundaries

  • Removing karmic bonds

  • Release ancestral traumas

  • Release soul wounds: Rejection, 

    Humiliation, Abandonment...
  • Removing negative cords and contracts

  • Attuning your energy to higher frequencies

  • Aligning with your human design

  • Activating your higher gifts

  • DNA upgrades

  • Kundalini activation

  • Psychic surgery

  • Aligning your chakras

  • Light Language & Light Codes

These containers are a transmission of everything that I have learnt, intuitive readings, light language activations, light code transmissions, Reiki, Trance healing, spiritual mentorship and so much more.

They are huge portals into your highest self. Each session will be unique, and is channeled on the day for your highest and best good. These sessions are 90min LIVE Zoom sessions, but a replay will be available for those who have registered. An AUDIO replay may also be available to the collective, if I am guided to release it.

Quantum Energy Healing is a metaphysical service, and we cannot guarantee any specific results.
Please ensure you book your session with an OPEN MIND AND OPEN HEART. The more open you are, the more I can connect to your energy and clear at a deeper level. Any negative thinking/feelings or skepticism during your session can hinder and block your experience and outcome of this session.


Ascension portal for Light workers, Spiritual Seekers, Seers, Soul searchers...

Thanks for submitting!

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