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Updated: Mar 21

Are you one of those people who has the ability to feel things intensely? Do you tend to be equally overwhelmed by emotions and react powerfully to the small details of everyday life?

This could well be the mark of your hypersensitivity!

We are talking here about this ability to capture every emotional nuance, to feel more strongly the light, the textures and even the noises that surround us.

Do you recognize yourself in these few lines?

If this is the case, this article will allow you to understand your mission, but also to fully succeed in your incarnation on Earth!

What is being hypersensitive?

Studies show that the brains of hypersensitive people are more active in areas linked to emotions. This hypersensitivity may be associated with increased reactivity of certain parts of the brain, such as the amygdala, involved in processing emotions.

This is probably why little everyday things can have a huge impact on you…

And what about that deep inner connection you often feel? Hypersensitivity is also associated with a stronger connection to oneself and a subtle perception of the energy around us. Does this resonate with your experience?

Now, let's talk about this little peculiarity, because being hypersensitive is a bit like having an emotional “superpower”, right? You understand emotions deeply and feel intense empathy

But let's be honest, this is not easy every day... Since, of course, it also affects less pleasant emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness, anger and even guilt.

And guess what? You are not alone. Approximately 15 to 20% of the world's population shares these hypersensitivity traits.

Are you still in doubt, are you not yet completely sure that you are a hypersensitive individual? Well, I think that by reading the following lines, you will no longer have a shadow of doubt!

10 characteristics of a hypersensitive person:

  1. Deep Empathy: Ability to deeply feel the emotions of others.

  2. Need for Solitude and Introspection: Appreciation of calm and personal reflection.

  3. Spiritual Search: Tendency to explore spirituality for a deep connection with oneself.

  4. Passion and Action Guided by the Heart: Undertake actions with passion, often linked to causes that are close to your heart.

  5. Strong Connection to Intuition: Increased development of intuition through personal evolution.

  6. Sensitivity to stimulating environments: Intense reaction to stimuli such as noise, light or smells.

  7. Thirst for Knowledge and Truth: Constant search for understanding and deep wisdom.

  8. Innate Knowledge and Discernment: Ability to perceive truth intuitively without logical explanation.

  9. Detachment from Material: Recognition that wealth lies in inner experiences rather than material goods.

  10. Reaction to injustice: Highly sensitive people often have a strong emotional reaction to injustice

If you ride emotional waves very frequently, and you move quickly and intensely from one emotion to another, well, you are probably hypersensitive.

Now let's see, what is your life mission…

What is the mission of a hypersensitive individual in this world?

Highly sensitive people bring a particular gentleness, unparalleled empathy and deep kindness.

Their mission is to raise awareness of their feelings, to offer a unique perspective on the world and to share their deep understanding of emotions.

By embodying your sensitivity, you help create spaces imbued with love and understanding, thus raising collective consciousness…

However, many emotions can overwhelm you. And if you don't know how to control or free yourself from your emotions, your life will prove to be very challenging!

Your own way of experiencing life is complicated to live within our society.

Often, hypersensitive people get lost in adapting socially and can cut themselves off from their bodily and emotional feelings to avoid suffering too much...

But then, how can you sublimate your particularity and fully succeed in your incarnation on Earth?

How to succeed in your incarnation while being hypersensitive?

Succeeding in life while being hypersensitive

Succeeding in your incarnation as a hypersensitive person can be summed up in 3 words:

Be yourself !

Doesn’t that leave you dreaming?

Well, however... By being yourself and fully embodying your sensitivity, believe me that you will make more than one dream...

Every individual seeks happiness, even those who seem more detached from their emotions!

And finally, how do we become happy?

By being free to be yourself, by opening our hearts and manifesting the life we want for ourselves!

By being yourself, you will also contribute to those around you... With your ability to feel and see what others do not see, you have a lot to contribute to the world by simply being yourself...

The initiatory journey of a hypersensitive person

In the last sentence of that last paragraph, I said: “by SIMPLY being yourself…”?

Hmmm “simply”? Yes and no, for this, you will have to undertake a path that will confront you with your wounded parts...

Moreover, as a hypersensitive person, it is very likely that one day you will experience the same process as an old soul.

As a sensitive person, you may also be one of these experiencing souls…

So I was saying that it may be that one day... Your true essence wishes to fully express itself and take its place... And that you feel the viral need to find meaning in your life!

When this moment arrives, life will place a multitude of experiences on your path that will lead you to your freedom. In this way, you will gradually free yourself from all the vibrations that you carry within you which have led you to protect yourself until now.

Don't think that this will mean that you will feel weak and that you will no longer have protection... You will no longer need to have any, because you will have freed yourself from what could hurt you or make you attackable...

Either way, if you don't, life will take charge and lead you towards your path of freedom until your true essence takes place...

Free yourself to be yourself and reveal your sensitivity to the world

Where to start your path to freedom?

I advise you to first reconnect with your body and begin to control and free yourself from your emotions.

The Wisdom Keepers is also very effective on hypersensitive beings. It permits :

  • A real reconnection to the messages from your body,

  • Total presence to yourself

  • Self-control (mental, physical and emotional)

  • A release from every vibration of suffering you feel

  • A passage to the higher stage of consciousness.

The Wisdom Keepers greatly helps you free yourself from all these accumulated emotions as well as all these energies that you perceive on a daily basis.

I am hypersensitive myself, growing up, I couldn't even go to a store, I had anxiety attacks.

I was also very shy, I didn't dare to be me... Right now, I'm aiming for the dream of going on stage in order to help as many people as possible to fully free themselves from their vibrations of suffering !

I use The Wisdom Keepers on a daily basis to free myself and connect to my Original Being...

This pure Being, who guides me by fully knowing what I came to do on this Earth...

I wish us the best,


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