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Energy Cleansing for Children

5 Points to Understand

I talk about energy with my boys on a daily basis.

I think that nowadays it is essential to appreciate the importance of energetic cleansing of our children and to teach them from a young age. Furthermore, whether for parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, the protection of our children must be prioritised by offering them a caring presence. In fact, we are one and the same consciousness and we will see the importance of energetic cleansing in children. In this article, I propose 4 energetic cleansing techniques for your child.

Point #1: Protecting our children through the presence

When we talk about child protection, there is a sense of fear or worry. However, it is simply a matter of increasing our presence with them and being more real. In fact, we must develop real relationships of sincere listening with our children.

Indeed, children are beings in their own right, capable of expressing themselves, capable of feeling, capable of saying what they feel. Also, we must be able to really listen to their perception and provide them with real protection, therefore a real presence.

And in this we, we include all parents, but also carers, grandparents, teachers and all adults who are with the children. So, adults must develop this space of presence within themselves in order to experience it with children.

Let's learn to no longer be in our inner child, in our emotional part, in our mind, with our beliefs. We must return to our essence, to the essentials and make everyday life much simpler.

Thus, it is essential to experience authentic and fulfilling relationships together, whether within the family, but also outside. The best protection to offer a child is the one where we are able to let ourselves be thanks to our inner journey.

This inner journey allows us to deconstruct what we are not. If we don't do this, our children will come and challenge us on certain aspects of ourselves. Aspects that we don't want to let go of and that sometimes we think are confronting with our child.

In reality, it is confronting within us and our child gives us a mirror effect. We must transform ourselves and be who we truly are. And above all, let us protect our children with our presence.

Point #2: We are one and the same consciousness

Currently, the children who arrive on Earth are sensitive children, open to the subtle, open to energies. They capture everything, they feel everything, even if they can't put the words into words.

Today, we notice that our children are more irritable, more agitated, sometimes angry or anxious. Our children are tired and this is not due to their school life, but to the current times and what is happening on Earth.

In fact, we must understand that we live within one and the same consciousness. We are a planetary body and everything that is experienced collectively can be captured individually. Likewise, everything we experience individually has repercussions on the collective.

However, the news is gloomy, even morbid, dark, chaotic. Are we on the cusp of a next world war? Which means that on an emotional level (also called astral), everything is hectic, charged and generates worry and anxiety in us.

So, all these emotions will vibrate outside of us, and will reason on a certain frequency perceived by the children. This frequency will then generate anxiety and worry in them. These negative emotions, felt by children, have repercussions on parents and therefore on the collective. It becomes a vicious circle.

Yes, because by connecting to these low frequency energies, we make them vibrate at work, then in the heart of our family and therefore with our children. Just like the teachers in their classroom and then it becomes contagious.

Indeed, we cannot stop the vibrations or the emotions. We necessarily share them and we, adults, have a real responsibility towards our children: what do we want to experience? To vibrate? How do we nourish ourselves internally? Fortunately, we can teach them energetic cleansing using keys.

Point #3: The importance of energetic cleansing in children

Learning how to carry out a complete energetic cleansing is essential for our children from a young age. The sooner they integrate it, the more easily they will be able to do it again. Moreover, it is worth emphasising the effectiveness of energetic cleansing during retreats and training courses. In addition, a child does not ask questions, unlike an adult, and he learns much more quickly.

In fact, there are several ways to teach a child about energy cleansing. First of all, explain to him that when he is with other children, other adults, he is confronted with various emotions, various energies. He evolves in an environment full of life, full of colours, sometimes helpful, sometimes disturbing.

So these rather disturbing colours can lower your energy and vitality. It becomes essential, especially in the evening, to be able to release all this, to be able to cleanse all these low energies and to get back into your good colour.

These colour concepts are a good tip for explaining energetic cleansing to your child in a simple way. For older children, you can go into detail and talk about negative thoughts, negative emotions, and the energies of the place.

So, cleansing ourselves will allow our subtle bodies to become vibrant, radiant, clear, limpid, etc. again. This cleaning can be done in the morning to start the day off right with clear thoughts. Or it can be done in the evening to calm our emotional body, have an open and radiant heart in order to fall asleep peacefully.

Thus, unloading emotionally at bedtime helps avoid nightmares, non-restorative dreams and restless sleep. You can free yourself from negative emotions felt during the day, such as anxiety, worry and worry. The idea is to teach our children to clean their subtle bodies.

Point #4: 4 energetic cleansing techniques for a child

  • Breathing

Here we are talking about conscious breathing. In other words, use breathing to be able to charge yourself with light and when exhaling, free yourself from all negative emotions, from all the charges accumulated during the day.

In fact, it is about bringing awareness to how to breathe. We can then invite our child to add colour to how he breathes. We then ask him to imagine a colour or white light.

Then we tell him to breathe in this light or this colour and to breathe out the other colours, which he has stored during the day and which do not belong to him. These are colours generated by friends, the teacher, dad's stress, mom's stress. He does not have to take responsibility for the colours of others, but only his own.

As soon as he sees himself all luminous, all colourful from head to toe, then he can stop, because he is completely cleansed.

  • Movement

Movement is another technique. It’s about doing the same thing, but putting music on. If your child is more receptive to movement, invite him to imagine bringing light into his body using his arms and hands.

Then, still with his arms and hands, he must do the opposite movement to free himself from the emotions accumulated during the day. If he feels angry, ask him to act angry through movement.

As soon as he feels all colourful, all bright, he can then stop moving.

  • Drawing

You can carry out your child's energetic cleansing through drawing. Ask him to draw how he feels now. So he may choose dark colours like black, purple, grey. In fact, he has to let himself go, and even make doodles. He has to unload.

Then, ask him what colour he wants to be, what colour he wants to vibrate, what colour emanates from him. He must be able to choose a colour that allows him to free himself, to unload the emotions of the day. So, he can possibly take a new sheet to make a drawing of himself with its light, with its pretty colour where he will feel all luminous, all relieved.

The inner light

You can also combine these different techniques or alternate them. However, it is interesting to allow children to call upon their own inner light, their own inner magic. 

Indeed, the child can ask his inner light to clean him. Thus, he can unload all the emotions, all the thoughts, all the things of the day that he no longer needs and that are not his. Tell your child to imagine a ball of light located in his heart that is expanding to all his body.

So, he will call on this light which will shine his inner light. We will let the child feel, perceive when his light, his soul has finished cleaning and he is beautiful again in his new colour or golden.

What you must remember

There you have it, we have seen many possibilities we have to allow children to cleanse themselves energetically. This cleaning can therefore be done in the morning in order to have a good day or in the evening in order to have a good night's sleep.

So for the record, we have seen, in this article, various points:

Point No. 1: The protection of our children through presence.

Point No. 2: We are one and the same consciousness.

Point No. 3: The importance of energetic cleansing in children.

Point No. 4: The 4 energetic cleaning techniques for a child.

I really advise you to teach them to integrate this cleaning into their evening routine, into their bedtime ritual. You will see that the more you do it, the more automatic it will be for our children. They will very quickly feel the benefits on them.

Do not hesitate to check out my Personalised Quantum Healing for Children 15 yrs or Less.

I wish us the best


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