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To be connected to your soul, is, in my opinion, the essential key to any spiritual journey.

It is thanks to this connection that is revealed in us what we have always been looking for...

Stability, security, joy and Love vibrate within us!

It is this key that I want to pass on to my clients and many others through my private sessions, but what I propose in group session is to go further together…

By accompanying clients personally, during daily online initiation sessions.

Because in my experience, as a woman and as a therapist, this journey is not easy. It is simple but not always easy because it requires effort, constancy and perseverance which sometimes, alone, are difficult to hold.

It is sometimes easier to be accompanied to go touch, release, heal spaces within ourselves which until then were inaccessible to us.

It's about opening the doors of your heart, reconnecting with your uniqueness, communicating with your soul and shine your light in your daily life!


Who are we really without the ego masks we wear?

Who are we when we can open our heart wide to the Source?

Who are we when we are able to listen to this voice in our heart that guides our steps?

When we are on the way, we are aware that one of the keys is the connection to our soul but we still fail to establish this intimate contact with this part of us.

We think that this connection with our soul is unattainable, reserved for the privileged or sometimes we even think we are not worthy of it.

We live with this feeling of “not getting there” often leaving room for doubt and lack of confidence in our own abilities and feelings.

We know we have intuition but we can't follow it to feel guided and accompanied.

"Who am I ?

I am not only my thoughts,

I am not only my emotions,

I am not just my body,

I am a soul".

What inner scenarios have we created to no longer be able to feel this connection?

How to lift the veils, thwart the traps of the ego which today prevent us from fully opening the doors of our heart?

How to stay connected to our soul, to feel that we are in the space of our heart to communicate with it, feel what is right and make the right choices?

How to distinguish the mind from the intuition?

How to find what we really aspire to in order to fully embody our light?

During my session, "Light of my soul", I wish that my clients establish a true reliance and connection with their soul so that it becomes their inner guide, their support, their security.

I hope that they can finally give full power to their heart and their aspirations to manifest in their daily life.

Today it is time to allow yourself to shine, return to the Heart of the Self, learn to stay centered in your Heart, affirm your truth, your choices. It's time to be a working light for humanity!

Cindy is a Trance medium, Transformational Life Coach. Find out more about her mentorship by visiting

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