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New Earth Children

Is your child different than a typical child their age?

Current parents have a very curious mission.

They must raise indigo, crystal or golden children, children who are awake, hyper sensitive. They are the new generation that will teach us to be fairer. Very sensitive, these children have a particular need to be loved and respected.

These children will teach you to love them in the most beautiful, most noble way. It is not a question of considering them as belonging to you, as objects, as your crutches or as your reason for living. This is about unconditional love and the responsibility to nurture this new soul that has chosen you. This involves allowing them to be the person they are...with their gifts and their differences, to listen to their deep truth and spirituality.

Indeed, these new children have their intuition very developed.It is our duty to accompany these children to realise themselves on a spiritual level. Spirituality is innate in them. An intrinsic quality. It is so important to consider their connection with the spiritual world as normal. Their play with their invisible friends, the angelic world, their knowledge of nature, and their dialogue with animals... Observe your children to understand their personality and their gift.

These children who are actually not children. They are old souls in a child's body. Bearer of truth and true wisdom, this archaic world displeases them deeply because it is very violent in their eyes. So parents accept to be shaped by the wisdom of your children. They have chosen you to educate them but also to help you evolve, even to heal. They will help you transition into this new, more spiritual world.

For the most sensitive, open schools would allow them to develop better. This type of establishment will multiply in the coming years. Intuitive and sensitive teachers will better understand their children. Courses such as meditation, yoga, mediumship, the study of sacred texts… with walks in the forest, animal education, healing work, knowledge of stones... These passionate children do not support authority in any way. Not to bother you but because domination is not acceptable. This bond of control and power is completely toxic. If you dialogue and explain to your children why you are asking them for something, they will accept. Do not forget that they are receptacles of great wisdom.

Helping children is a priority for me because they are the future of our humanity and already carry within them all the skills, knowledge and life skills that will make our world a "better world", a world where it will be good to live, and where the real important value will be LOVE.

This support / training is intended for parents and specialists in parental support wishing to:

  • to free children from all weight, from all family and even transgenerational or karmic baggage in order to stop repeating patterns to free themselves from their own past wounds, conditioning, erroneous beliefs, repressed thoughts and emotions, and thus no longer project them onto their child

  • to have a fair and appropriate reaction in all circumstances and thus be at peace and in harmony with themselves and their child

  • to be able to guide children to express their emotions and feelings in a healthy way while inviting them to naturally experience their own processes of liberation

  • to actively participate in the emergence of the "new world" based on deeply human values and respectful of the very nature of Life

To understand more about these New Earth Children, I invite you read the transcripted message of extremely gifted trance voice channel , Michelle Eloff on my blog

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