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Reiki in hospital in the UK

In the UK and around the world, the benefits of Reiki are beginning to be recognised by the community. As a result of this Reiki is now being used, mainly on a voluntary basis, in a wide variety of settings in the UK, including many parts of the NHS. For example, at the University College Hospital in London both full-time and part-time practitioners have been employed to give Reiki to patients, particularly those with life threatening diseases. List (by not complete!) of hospitals and other health are establishments here, in the UK, that use Reiki to treat their patients. And in some cases, they also treat the families and carers of their patients. University College London Hospitals NHS, London:

  • Reiki treatments offered to patients with stress and mood disorder

  • Reiki treatments offered to complement conventional cancer treatments

  • Reiki treatments offered to complement the treatments of endometriosis

Kings Mill Hospital – Notthinghamshire The Connecting Reiki with Medicine mission is to introduce Reiki to support very sick children and adults, their carers and staff in areas of critical need at St George’s. From this, the project will carry out well designed research to add to the evidence base into patients’ experience of Reiki in clinical settings. Please: Donations: Southampton University Hospitals NHS, Southampton:

  • Reiki treatments offered to palliative care cancer patients (day care)

Aintree University Hospitals NHS, Liverpool:

  • Reiki treatments offered by elderly medicine services

Wallace Cancer Care (works with Addenbrooke’s Hospital-Cambridge University Hospitals NHS), Cambridge:

  • Reiki treatments offered to complement conventional cancer treatments

South Tees Hospitals NHS, Middlesbrough:

  • Reiki treatments offered to complement conventional cancer treatments

Newham University Hospital NHS, London:

  • Project to offer complementary therapies including Reiki treatments to the staff and

  • later to the patients (UKRF newsletter Feb/March 2006, p. 7)

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London Other examples

  • St Teresa’s Hospice, Darlington

  • The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centres in Leeds and London

  • NHS Hospitals including Maternity Units, Cancer Wards/Clinics /Centres and Support Groups

  • Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Bristol

  • Hospices

  • Carers Associations

  • NHS Occupational Health Departments

  • Physiotherapy Units

  • NHS Medical Centres

  • NHS Mental Health Units/Psychotherapy Clinics

  • Special Needs – learning & behavioural difficulties and mental health

  • Medical & Paramedical (many members of the UK Reiki Federation are also practising doctors)

  • Social Services Day Care Centres

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse/Addiction Programmes + Substance Abusers & Families Support Networks

  • GP & Dental Practices

  • Residential Care and Nursing Homes

  • Local Council Health and Harmony Events treating post natal mothers, Asian Elders, and others

  • Brain Injury rehabilitation centres

  • HIV/AIDS organisations’ holistic health and healing centres

(Source of above information – Doreen Sawyer, UK Reiki Concil, 2010.) Other related information: 15 Inspiring Reiki Projects around the world Dr. Sheldon Feldman on Reiki and Surgery in America – typing Reiki and many scientific research appers

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