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Why bring Reiki healing to your company?

Updated: Jan 22

Are your employees truly prepared to handle the stressors they face at work and in life? 

​When the pandemic first hit, many were left to their own devices to figure out how to navigate remote work, while also managing other stressors stemming from this challenging time. With all the shifting priorities, directives, and mounting responsibilities in and outside of work, it’s no wonder employees feel tired and burned out. 

​While some have fared impressively well, others are considering leaving their profession altogether because of a lack of perceived support from their leadership teams, or due to an inability to keep up with it all.

​Workplace Reiki workshops designed to educate employees on the necessary skills and actions needed to feel well at work and in life can build their resilience to stress and help them better manage and prevent burnout in the future. 

When employees feel their best and are equipped with the skills they need to manage their own emotional and physical wellbeing, they are more prepared to positively impact their work outcomes and behaviours in the workplace.

This non-invasive treatment is suitable for everyone. It is beneficial in groups, to all ages, genders, religions & abilities. Your entire team can beneath & it levels the playing field within the work environment.

The energy does the work, participants are asked to lay or sit down & relax whilst the energy washes over them releasing tension, rebalancing nervous systems, and revitalising the body & mind. Some people daydream, others take a nap, there is no right or wrong during the reiki session, the healing will continue to work either way. The effects of the session will continue to work for around 24 - 48 hours and many clients report better sleep, inspiration & motivation, feeling calmer & relaxed.

The benefits of Reiki healing extend far beyond the individual. Staff are reported to be in better spirits after a session & this positively impacts the company.

The Benefits for your staff

  • >> BOOSTED MORALE << I’ll work with a group of your employees to help them find the relaxation and refreshment they need to get back in the game with their full investment of energy

  • >> BETTER WORKPLACE ENERGY << ever walk into a space and just feel like the energy is off? Well, a lot of that has to do with our individual electromagnetic fields, so once you and your co-workers are feeling aligned and cleared, you’ll notice the office space feels different too!

  • >> IMPROVED FOCUS << In a 60-minute Reiki group session, we’ll get to the root of your energetic blockages and I’ll guide you through what needs to happen next in order for you to get back on track.

  • >> EMPLOYEE GRATITUDE << want to show your employees your gratitude for all their hard work and dedication? What better way than to give them a deeply relaxing and enriching experience in the middle of their workday?.

  • >> A GROUP BONDING EXPERIENCE << Reiki is a unique and different experience that not many have tried before, and even though it’s been around for centuries and is used by surgeons in hospitals before they perform surgery and in cancer wards by those administering chemotherapy to patients, it’s still not as mainstream as you might think. Reiki is something you and your co-workers will have in common and be able to bond over!.

  • >> MORE CREATIVITY << Reiki frees up mind-space so you and your team can be more creative, better at problem solving, and more prepared for handling whatever high-stakes situations come for you.

Not recommended for women in their 1st or 3rd trimester without speaking to their doctor before. You can read more about this in the contraindications of sound healing.

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