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Prenatal Yoga Class


This weekly class  offers a calm space during your week to process all that is coming up for you in pregnancy, with meditation and reiki energy healing.

Pregnancy is a time of transformation, and an optimal moment for parents and their growing baby to receive energy healing. Reiki is a safe and gentle way to tap into the body’s natural healing capacity, on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It aids deeper relaxation, and can be received hands off or with light touch. When received in pregnancy, it benefits the parent and child.


Meditation in pregnancy can provide a reset for the nervous system, helping you to feel more centred, connected to your body, and prepared for birth.

Each week includes a guided meditation, and exploration following themes such as Grounding, Energetic boundaries, Self-acceptance,  Self-compassion, Self-trust and intuition, Self-healing...


We warmly welcome pregnant women to our classes, ensuring their comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

We encourage expectant mothers to consult with their healthcare provider, GP or midwife to see if our classes are right for them at each stage of their pregnancy. You can refer to our class descriptions when discussing with your GP. Your attendance to these classes is at your own discretion, especially during the first trimester given the unpredictable nature of pregnancy during that phase.


While clients usually lay on their backs during our classes to relax into the practice, there are also options to lay on the side or stay seated upright, supported by additional props. You are also free to move during class if that feels right for you. 


Our sessions are non-invasive and designed to respect your personal space; we never place sound instruments directly on the body and the approach to our pregnancy classes is with a high emphasis on care and gentleness.


Please note that even though very gentle, these healing practices are a very personal experience and they can bring up emotions, thought patterns or physical sensations that might feel uncomfortable. Please speak to the practitioner if this is the case for you. 


Your comfort and care are our highest priorities as we support you on this beautiful journey. Please feel free to reach out in case of any questions or concerns. ​

  • When: Every Friday  

  • Time: 11.00am 

  • Cost: From £16 per person (class packs)

  • Where: Ikshana-Wellbeing, 96 North Side Wandsworth Common, SW18 2QU London, UK.

  • 1st floor (access through gate off Huguenot Place then across courtyard and in through white doors) This is a small private studio in a church in South West London, just a few minutes walk from Wandsworth Town Station. Entrance through the courtyard to the right hand side of the building and up the stairs at the back.

More about Reiki:

Everything is made up of energy. Usually we can identify this ‘life force’ on days where we are brimming with vitality, or feel its absence when we are depleted or in low spirits. Reiki is a form of Japanese energy medicine which activates your innate ability to heal, coming back to health on a physical, mental, and emotional level. 


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