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Visit the subtle worlds with Shamanism

The oldest path of awakening and spiritual growth is Shamanism, present throughout the world since time immemorial. This tradition links the visible to the invisible, in close relationship with Nature, outside of any dogma or religion.


Visiting the 3 shamanic worlds in a state of expansion in consciousness gives us access to a field of unsuspected possibilities, to real treasures to “move forward” more fluidly on our path of life, while increasing “the light” in each of us. We.


Guided in complete safety, you too, like the shamans, connect to the “Spirits” who inhabit these subtle worlds, to receive their teachings and healings.

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Why should you consider coming for a shamanic journey to the 3 world?

Soul loss generally occurs during traumatic events such as an attack, accident, violence, incest, -feeling of being scattered & incomplete, potential difficult to exploit, chronic physical symptoms, mental confusion, fear of lack, of losing what matters, amplified anxieties, feeling of inner emptiness, etc.

It can also occur during major emotional shocks, changes in life, the announcement of the illness of a loved one, a painful separation, certain realizations that devastate you...

You know, that precise moment when the earth opens up under your feet, where time stops, with the feeling of not being able to breathe anymore and that your heart has broken...

This phenomenon creates a hole in your subtle bodies which produces energy leaks and can also allow negative energies to infiltrate which will pollute your being.

Note that we frequently seek to fill these holes with addictive behaviors…

This defragmentation requires soul retrieval.

My mission is to seek out these fragments of soul, to heal them, to repatriate them and unify your being in order to regain wholeness.

What happens in a shamanic healing session with me?

The process of soul fragment retrieval has been practiced in many indigenous and shamanic cultures and is an essential part of our healing journey and return to wholeness. Each session is different, and here is the process that I often follow when I work with someone for the first time. First, I will carry out the rituals of protection and opening of the Sacred Space. After moving into an altered state of consciousness,  I then establish the connection with the invisible world and my guides. To the sound of my light language whose frequency triggers your state of shamanic consciousness, I gently guide you throughout your initiatory journey, during which you receive your treatment: your soul will reintegrate its lost or fragmented dimensions to restore your completeness.

One form of shamanic practice is to use sacred sound as a healing modality. Common instruments used are drums & other percussion, singing bowls, various forms of vocals such as toning, singing & chanting, rattles, didgeridoo, gongs, bells, chimes, etc.. I utilise many of these in addition to light language.

Light language is a type of vibration language which moves beyond the linear mind to speak to the intuitive mind, symbolic and subconscious right brain which is often neglected in our society.

Accessing the subconscious mind this way allows for the conscious left brain to relax and let go, opening up the doorway to deeper repressed experiences.

This language is similar to Icaros in Peruvian shamanism, used in the Andes mountains and amazon jungle. These light languages speak to the soul and activate deeper remembrance of the spiritual self, like a lullaby to the spirit.



Booking are usually on Weekdays 11am, but some evening appointments are available for international clients. Please send me your time preferences when contacting me.

1 x 75-90 mins – £125

Terms and Conditions:

  • All sessions are online only.

  • Sessions are available online via Zoom (Whatsapp or Facetime also available). 

  • Full payment must be paid at the time of purchasing your session. 

  • A 48-hour notice period is required to reschedule a booking. 

  • Any PayPal fees are deducted from refunds.

  • Cindy’s preferred method of communication is via email at:

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