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What we do

REIKI the PEOPLE runs Reiki classes for 9-16year olds and Reiki courses in schools to enhance teacher, staff and parents well-being

 It was founded in 2022 by Director Cindy Theodore, who is a fully qualified Reiki Master teacher with experience as a Reiki teacher and also a Transformational spiritual coach.


All of our inspiring activities are designed and delivered by DBS checked professionals; their experience of working with children and dedication to creative learning make our clubs and workshops a great place to be.

The objective of REIKI the PEOPLE  is for educators to use Reiki to prepare themselves for teaching and to enhance serenity and well-being within the classroom. Currently, almost a third of teachers are leaving the profession within five years of qualifying. Well-being of educators is something that we should all be concerned about. REIKI the PEOPLE aims to teach professionals who are increasingly involved in the social and emotional well-being of young people . Mental health issues of young people are becoming a lot more of a concern in a post-covid world. 

Whilst learning and developing Reiki techniques, the children are also taught how to develop their intuition and how to bring their imaginations to life.

At the heart of all of REIKI the PEOPLE’s activities there is a strong emphasis on:

  • developing each child’s imagination;

  • exploring and developing different intuitive techniques and how different tools can be used (i.e meditation)

  • developing their emotional vocabulary & confidence to discuss each other’s feelings and develop their ideas

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