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5 Reasons To Join A Group Reiki

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

We are currently discovering and exploring the ways in which to fulfil our purpose in a post-covid world.

We see this exploration, discovery and emergence as part of a collaborative journey together – with all of the beautiful hearts connected to EnergyWorks™ – to consciously co-create anew, to thrive, to shine our light brighter than ever.

I invite you to join me in this co-creative process by taking part in an online group healing session. These group sessions create more accessibility to my practice.

So what’s Group Reiki?

Basically, in my Group Reiki classes, which usually accommodates 12-20 people (depending on the location and duration). We start with a grounding meditation, set a clear intention to direct each person’s healing (a.k.a goal). Then I facilitate an energy clearing/boost leaving you revitalised and potentially more inspired. The synergy of the group works in a positive way, and knowing you are not alone in your struggles brings hope. This Reiki group includes short guided meditation, light language activation and Reiki energy healing.

Because it’s in a group setting, there isn’t much time to individually analyse why you’re experiencing imbalances at the current time and what’s driving it (which is typically done in a private session).

However, if someone has been doing other types of holistic healing consultations, they may very well know what’s going on and put their intention on it. Where focus goes, energy flows.

You will have the security of knowing that if you have something to bring up, it’s safe to say it, no one knows who you are. There is also an effect called “Borrowed Benefits” – if someone in the group is clearing something that is similar to your situation, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue so it can also clear whatever that issue is for you. Being in a group where the focus is on supporting love, healing and life force energy allows your own body and heart to remember and open up to receiving. The nurturance of the group creates the opportunity for you to receive the deep healing you need to heal the stressors in your life and the effects mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Meanwhile, a private 60-90 minute Reiki Energy Healing Session focused solely on you. It allows us to first acknowledge any stresses, pains and blockages in your body. It gives us an opportunity to go a lot deeper into the healing process and address any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues and heal them at roots. It creates space for us to explore any memories and heal any past traumas stored in our body. Often physical pain is our body’s last resort to cry for help and attention. So though a backache may just be a backache, a prolonged backache usually means that there’s something more there to be addressed.

How Group Reiki can help

In general, Group Reiki allows us to address any immediate or surface issues, which is great for busy bees who want to pop into class during lunch, between meetings and after work to destress i.e. if your boss isn’t being nice to you, your colleagues are busy playing politics at work, it’s a great way to clear all that negative ju-ju off you so you don’t carry it home.

It’s perfect for energetic maintenance, a “tune-up” if you will. And it’s a fantastic way for people new to Reiki to get a taste of it with a small commitment.

And side note, Group Reiki is very different from Reiki training . A Group Reiki is for a group of people who want to receive Reiki energy treatments. Reiki training is reserved for those who are interested in learning the practice and potentially becoming practitioners, or even a Reiki master one day.

5 Reasons to Join a Group Reiki Class

1. Cost-Effective

It allows people to try out energy healing at a small cost.

2. Conscious Practice

Receiving Reiki is a great alternative to yoga and meditation. Reiki works on an energetic level so you may become inspired to explore consciousness from a different angle.

3. Community

We have a nice little community. What started as a few attendees has now grown into the hundreds.

4. Maintenance

It allows private clients and newbies to jump in and get their weekly fix to upkeep their energetic balance

5. Work/Life Balance

Group Learn Reiki has been helping busy entrepreneurs and their colleagues get a mental break, a dose of balance, restoration and relaxation before pulling another late night.

My Reiki Classes

See my FULL CALENDAR for more information and to sign up!

For any questions, always feel free to connect with me.

I hope this inspires you to check out a Group Reiki and get your weekly Reiki fix on!

And if you’re ready to jump into a 1-on-1 Private Reiki Energy Healing session. I offer Reiki services in London Belgravia and distant Reiki as well.

With love and sending Reiki light from a distance,


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