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Benefits of Reiki on the body and mind

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique practiced by laying on of hands. Discovered by Mikao Usui almost a century ago, this natural method is intended to harmonise the body, emotions and mind. It’s also a great way to recharge your batteries. Its virtues are similar to those of meditation, which we now know significantly improves the physical and mental health of those who practice it.

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to understand in life. Align yourself with the frequency of the reality you desire and that reality will manifest. It can not be otherwise. It's not philosophy. It's physics. ” — ALBERT EINSTEIN

Everything is said in this quote from Albert EINSTEIN. Reiki works according to this principle. In other words, we could consider that we all have an optimal energetic frequency at which we need to vibrate to achieve the best in our lives.

Receiving Reiki means replenishing your energy and aligning yourself with this frequency of good health.


When we interview people who have used Reiki, the most frequently reported benefits, beyond overall well-being, are as follows:

On the body

  • A clear improvement in sleep and recovery;

  • A reduction in pain and tension;

  • A boost in energy and overall vitality;

  • A detoxification effect;

  • Energy rebalancing;

  • Regulation of all systems (circulatory, respiratory, hormonal, etc.);

  • Better functioning of the body's natural self-defense process.

Medical care complementary

  • A relief of pain;

  • Regulation of the side effects of certain treatments;

  • Improved morale and increased participation in the ongoing medical process, with a positive and engaged state of mind.

The main effects on the mind

  • Increased relaxation and reduced daily stress;

  • Action on the causes of dysfunctions created by fears, trauma, false beliefs and other behavioral patterns;

  • Strengthening the ability to take a step back and discern;

  • An increase in self-confidence and capacity for action;

  • A stimulation of inner listening, intuition, memory and clairvoyance;

  • Strengthening listening skills and improving relationships, etc.


Well-being has to be cultivated. An athlete trains regularly to maintain good physical condition. No one would consider participating in a marathon without running several hours a week for at least a year. Likewise, it is essential to meditate day after day to find inner peace. In Reiki, it's exactly the same thing. It is through regular or even daily practice that we can obtain lasting and significant well-being.

Reiki can be practiced on oneself as an energetic discipline and/or an art of living. It is also possible to receive sessions from another, properly trained person. It is then recommended to receive several sessions to perceive the benefits.


An autonomous, disciplined person capable of diligence in their practice has every interest in training. But if you prefer someone to take care of you, you can choose to go see a practitioner.

During difficult times or periods of change, it can be particularly interesting to seek help from a Reiki expert. A treatment of several sessions carried out with an experienced practitioner will allow you to work on conscious or unconscious blockages and trigger a real self-healing process.

Generally, people come to receive sessions to free themselves from excess stress. But sometimes their problem is illness. They then seek help to better cope with their symptoms and treatments. The interest of a technique like Reiki is to allow those who suffer to be supported and “accompanied” in their difficult therapeutic path.

Once the treatment has been completed and the difficulties resolved, it is interesting to train in order to maintain well-being and/or continue personal development work.


Indeed, if anyone is able to experience a good moment of relaxation with the help of Reiki, obtaining positive changes in their life requires real commitment and discipline. No one can start an evolutionary process in someone else’s place. The decision and the trigger belong to the person who takes the step of seeking support using one technique or another.

Only people who give themselves the means to get better can see a positive change in their lives. Having a few Reiki sessions or training and then stopping everything would have as little effect as a sword in water. Like sport or meditation, Reiki requires regularity. It is at this price that we obtain interesting results.

Since life is made up of changes, small deaths and rebirths, it is important to understand that Reiki will not permanently banish all worries. To claim otherwise would be misleading. On the other hand, diligent practice of Reiki philosophy and energy changes the way we look at events and helps to emphasize the positive aspects of situations. Difficult times then become a source of learning and development, the fruits of which are reaped when the disruptions are overcome.

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