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Today, we are going to talk about chakras and entrepreneurship or how your energies 

(in)consciousness can influence your life as an entrepreneur! Yes, did you know that the way you manage your business, the progress of your projects, the clients you attract, your turnover, your visibility, your confidence, etc., are linked to your chakras?

In fact, chakras are quite simply the ways in which energies govern your entire life: romantic relationships, health, abundance, etc.

When you work on your chakras, your whole life is transformed and not just your life as an entrepreneur!

There are 7 main chakras:

  • The root chakra (in your crotch)

  • The sacral chakra (below the navel)

  • The solar plexus (under your rib cage)

  • The heart chakra (in the centre of the chest)

  • The throat chakra (at the bottom of the throat)

  • The third eye chakra (between your two beautiful eyebrows)

  • The crown chakra (on the top of the skull)

Let's now see how these chakras will influence your life as an entrepreneur and why it is important to take care of them and start working on them.

  1. The root chakra to give you the energy to deploy your business

When your root chakra is healthy, you are well grounded. Your projects are moving forward, you have energy to start and finish things thanks to your roots firmly anchored in the physical world. Your projects, after having been thought in your head, quickly manifest themselves in the real world and become palpable, now, they exist!

This chakra governs material reality and what is physical. This is the chakra of manifestation. A well-open root chakra makes it easier for you to manifest what you want to achieve through your business.

And above all, your head is less in the clouds, because your feet are firmly anchored on the ground. This means you spend less time weighing up the pros and cons, waiting for the right moment, etc. With a good root chakra, you move; even without forcing, you are just motivated to accomplish things to manifest them in your reality.

You are also less anxious and more in the present moment, you don't rack your brains thinking about a thousand and one things. You sleep well at night, because there is more peace in your mind.

The root chakra also helps you with your physical needs. This means that you will have space to think about taking care of your own needs instead of trying to work constantly and putting off sleeping until the latest.

  1. The sacred chakra to create the business of your dreams

The sacral chakra is also one of the chakras that allows energy to be present, to propel your projects forward. It is the chakra of creativity and also of emotions, money, sexuality and territory.

It is a very important chakra for learning to manage and release the emotions of entrepreneurial life such as possible disappointment during a product launch or anger towards a disrespectful customer. Having a balanced sacral chakra allows you to experience your emotions fully and let them go without constantly rehashing them in your head.

And as it is also the territory chakra, which says territory, means learning to set boundaries. With your clients, your partners or even with your ego which always wants to do more, more and more, when you need to rest.

It is also this chakra that is impacted if, for example, you have difficulty receiving money and attracting clients. Working on these beliefs about money will develop this chakra.

And when you have fun in your business, this sacred chakra is happy too! When you balance this chakra, you will no longer force yourself to do things in your business that you hate. Like working on projects or with clients that you don't really like...

And this chakra creates a kind of natural charisma for you as well, so that you will magnetise your clients towards you (ie femme fatale=widely open sacral chakra)

  1. The solar plexus chakra for business strength

An entrepreneur who is aligned with his values, capable of recognising what his offers are worth and putting them forward, is an entrepreneur who has a good solar plexus chakra.

This chakra is your inner sun, your joy, your pleasure, your strength, your why, your faith will be reflected by this chakra which will illuminate the world like an energetic sun.

What does that give? You will be visible. You will create the impact you desire and people will easily understand your message, because there is a kind of light and clarity emanating from you. They will feel your inner light.

And you are no longer even afraid of the judgment/criticism of others on your offers, your prices, your way of selling/communicating, because deep down, you just won't give a damn, because you know who you are and you know what you're worth. Your inner sun protects you from the shadows of the outside.

This chakra also teaches you to no longer compare yourself to others, it will help you escape from the illusion of competition in “I will crush the others” mode, to see that you, like every entrepreneur in this world, have your own story, your own value, your own inner sun.

This chakra teaches you to be sure of yourself and to have determination to achieve your dreams. When others ask you “But who do you think you are?”, you answer “Well, I think I’m Cindy Theodore, dude!”

We have just seen the three lower chakras. In general, among entrepreneurs, artists, spiritual people, etc., it is these three chakras that need balance the most.

  1. The heart chakra to interact well with your community

The heart chakra governs your relationship with others: with your community, your customers, your partners, your team and any living being who directly or indirectly affects your business (like your companion who supports you or your cat who comes to lie on your keyboard while you're working.

A well-open heart chakra allows you to create community more easily and naturally. You open up more easily to others, know how to give as well as receive. Relationships are fluid, because you know how to communicate from the heart when necessary and people perceive your warm aura, they feel loved and comforted by this energy. They trust you.

You know how to share your story more easily, because an open heart chakra means the courage to show vulnerability. And so, to touch people with your story, In fact, it creates a community that loves you, not only for the business you created, but also for the entrepreneur that you are.

It is also the chakra of gentleness, love and compassion. Thanks to this chakra, you no longer judge yourself, you respect yourself and you are gentle with yourself, even when things are not going very well in your life as an entrepreneur. You don't say that you're bad during periods of failure and you learn to comfort yourself and give yourself a hand to get up and move forward smoothly.

The heart chakra is closely linked to the sacral chakra because both concern relationships with others and the ability to open up to others. Opening your chakra means knowing how to accept the help and support of others to build your business, day after day.

And also receive compliments, encouragement, thanks. The more you know how to receive, the more you know how to give. And vice versa.

  1. The throat chakra for effective communication

To communicate well, develop your throat chakra BIG. Because this chakra, well open, allows you to effectively communicate your needs (= root chakra) to your team, your service providers and so on. Because yes, knowing your needs is not enough to learn how to make others understand them.

Moreover, customers who cannot tell you precisely what they want or who ramble their whole story by repeating the same things to you by extending the phone conversion to 1 hour instead of the 30 minutes planned (experienced story ) probably have a problem with their throat chakra. 

Communication being one of the pillars of the success of your business, working on the throat chakra helps you to communicate by being yourself and to show yourself to the world as you are (therefore also linked to the plexus chakra). You will succeed in sharing your values, your vision, your message and talking about your services in a fluid manner and through the medium that best suits you when your throat chakra is in harmony.

Besides, think about working on this chakra if you have a conference/training/workshop to give, because who says throat chakra says well-chosen words which flow naturally, in the right tone, with the right energy which gives to your words a powerful energy that will touch your ideal clientele.

  1. The third eye chakra to move forward in your business with intuition and inspiration

With a developed third eye chakra, you can more easily listen to your intuition to know what decision to make for the evolution of your business. You manage to listen to your feelings, you feel that you should not work with this person. You feel that it is this project that you must work on and not this one even if it would be more logical.

Your intuition guides your does inspiration. You have to think less about what to write in your newsletter, your blog articles or your social media posts. Because just by asking yourself the question “what do I feel called to share now with my community?”, you feel inspired and in a few seconds, you know what to talk about.

You don't even need to think about the message. You just let the words flow through you. Just what I am doing here!

  1. The crown chakra, because your business is much more than a business

What I mean by that is that you know that your mission as an entrepreneur is part of something bigger. You know that you are here to contribute to the world and that  Source placed you right where you need to be, because someone needed you at that time. And also that Source acts through you to interact in this world.

An open crown chakra allows you to feel guided and supported by an invisible force. Not only are you able to receive the guidance necessary to move forward on your path as an entrepreneur and also you feel that you are united with the world around you.

It’s as if your mission as an entrepreneur was part of Source’s mission. You let Source act and speak through you. You let go and trust Source to help solve a problem (sometimes in ways you never imagined), especially after you've done everything you can and nothing worked.



There are many ways to purify and rebalance your chakras: crystals, plants and walks in nature, for example. The problem with this is that it is very slow or the energy transformation is so minimal that the results are very brief; like feeling regenerated when you walk in the forest, then tired and in a bad mood again the next day.

I love wearing my Chakra Crystal bracelet and go for a walk in my nearby park on a daily basis (or just walk barefoot in my garden).


For each chakra, there is a sound that you can recite in your head or out loud, 10 minutes a day for a few weeks depending on what you want to create in your life. For example, recite the sound of the throat chakra if you want to create more authentic and effective communication in your business or recite the sound of the root chakra if you want to free yourself from your anxiety.

Root Chakra: LAM

Sacral Chakra: VAM

Solar Plexus Chakra: RAM

Heart Chakra: YAM

Throat Chakra: HAM

3rd Eye Chakra: SHAM

Crown Chakra: OM


Like reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture, etc. This type of method will allow you to release the bad energies contained in your meridians and chakra, thus allowing them to harmonise naturally. This may require several sessions before seeing a change but depending on the person, the problem may still recur, I will explain why below. 

It’s a method (Reiki) that I do daily and I notice the effectiveness (at the moment, I use it mainly for my personal life).


Every memory you have experienced within you creates a positive or negative experience. Which creates emotions, beliefs, patterns linked to these memories.

When a problem returns after several therapies, this could be explained by the fact that the memory is so powerful that it remains anchored in your energy body and that you need to work directly on it to make it go away.

Emotions and thoughts being of energy, these energies will go into the meridians and chakras, where the energy body is located.

If they have a good memory, the chakras will be well nourished, well balanced. But if they are bad memories, they will create a blockage in the said chakras, we will therefore say that they are unbalanced.

One of the best ways to release these memories and restore the energy in the chakras in a lasting way is to work directly on the memories, repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and negative patterns stuck in your energetic body and which, one way or another, prevents you from flourishing in your professional and/or personal life. 

You may check our weekly Chakra Create™ with Reiki and my upcoming online program, “Heart of my soul” where my job is precisely to discover the memories/energies that limit you and that prevent you from realising your vision.

I wish us the best,


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