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Do you feel that you are enduring your life, that the same patterns are repeating themselves? Do you feel a certain discomfort or a loss of meaning? Do you experience repeated physical pain? Are your emotions overwhelming you? Rest assured, this only happens to you because you have not yet learned self-control or perhaps only mentally... But the mind clearly has its limits in the process of liberation!

Your body expresses itself and unlike your mind, it does not lie to you! He will never make you believe that everything is fine when it is not! If you don't feel good in your life, it will make you understand sooner or later... An illness, a compression in your throat or in your chest, a stomach ache... It contains all the messages that you need to take into consideration to live a life aligned with yourself!

Your body communicates through energetic vibrations that you can feel through the sensations occurring in your body.

If you have already realised that the mind alone will not be able to free you from your blockages, then... You are in the right place!

I’ll let you discover the EnergyWorks® method that I created in 2019! Besides, at the end of the article, I also share with you a snippet of my life. This person with recurring back pain, URI, unmanageable emotions and anxiety attacks linked to my hypersensitivity has changed a lot!

Today, EnergyWorks® is expanding day by day, already more than 1000 people have gained energetic autonomy and this continues...

What is EnergyWorks®?

The main foundation

Before explaining how my method works, you must first understand its basis!

The main foundation is based on the Law of Vibration:

“We attract to us what we vibrate! »

Deeper than the Law of Attraction which conveys the message: “We attract to us what we think. ".

The Law of Attraction is based on the concept that our thoughts attract similar experiences into our life. While the Law of Vibration looks at the principle that depending on the vibrational frequency at which we vibrate, we attract situations aligned with this same energetic Vibration.

To summarise: the Law of Attraction is based on mental thought, while the Law of Vibration focuses on the vibrations present in the body.

Certain vibrations are blocked inside you, and cause blockages! They can be physical, mental, emotional and even trigger repetitive patterns in your life.

You are probably asking yourself this question: where do these blocked vibrations in us come from?

Well the origin can be multiple, they can also come from your childhood, be transmitted from generation to generation, from your karmic baggage and even from your intrauterine life!

 EnergyWorks® method does not concern itself with understanding the origin of a blockage, only the vibrations which are activated in your body are to be taken into account!

Vibrations, blockages? These notions leave you perplexed, rest assured, I will explain to you how the Method works in a concrete way!

How does this Method of releasing blockages work?

To explain concretely how EnergyWorks® Method works, here is an example on an emotional level:

Someone has just approached you and humiliated you! You are confused, pained, ashamed and angry! A real cocktail of emotions that is not very pleasant to feel!

EnergyWorks® comes into play at this precise moment!

It doesn’t matter where your feeling of humiliation comes from! Transgenerational, a bad memory from school, a previous life, it doesn't matter... Don't waste your energy looking for the cause, the mind has its limits and could tell you nice stories but... Also, move away from a precious truth!

Your cocktail of emotions has activated sensations in your body, this is the only information you must take into account to learn to control your emotions and to free yourself.

Here is the process:

  1. Position yourself as an observer and place your awareness on the sensations that this situation has triggered in you.

  2. Is your chest compressed, your throat tight? A shiver runs through you, a tension is triggered in a part of your body? What feelings do you feel right now?

  3. The sensations you feel are blocked vibrations that have become activated. The energy flow no longer circulates.

  4. The Method allows you to recirculate these vibrations and therefore to release them definitively using a simple and natural process!

Remember: « We attract what we vibrate! »

The liberation of this humiliation frees you from this injury definitively... I will let you observe for yourself the rest of your life, knowing that you will no longer carry this vibration linked to humiliation within you ;).

The same goes for physical pain and repeating situations... It’s because you carry unreleased memories within you!

Until you free yourself, life will throw the same trials your way!

Through a deep reconnection to the different bodies (physical, mental, emotional and associated energy bodies),EnergyWorks® leads you towards total self-control.

Energy autonomy and self-control are the keys to definitively liberating yourself.

What will the EnergyWorks® method change in your life?

Learning this method of Liberation brings you increased awareness and mastery of yourself.

Every emotion, every pain, every thought and every repetitive pattern can no longer be sudden! I remind you, the liberation process of the method is not mental, it is based on the messages from your body. The mind can lie by making us believe that certain blockages are behind us.

But repetitive patterns and bodily messages speak more than simple mental persuasions. You learn to observe yourself consciously. Your observer posture and the independent release of your blockages give you powerful self-control! This mastery leads you on the path of deep alignment, far from a life created from

Who is the EnergyWorks® method for?

EnergyWorks®method is aimed at all people who wish to free themselves in order to become Master of their life.

Often, those who instinctively move towards the EnergyWorks® method are people:

  • who have already tried several therapies and still feel at the same stage

  • who are tired of dealing with difficult and repetitive situations in their lives

  • who feel overwhelmed by their emotions

  • who suffer from chronic pain or persistent ailments

  • who are exhausted by their incessant thoughts and ruminations

  • who feel overwhelmed by addictions, whether linked to food, emotional relationships, tobacco, etc.

  • hypersensitive who have difficulty interacting with others and finding their place in the world

  • who experience deep discomfort or inner suffering without understanding why

  • who are questioning their professional career and looking to find a new path

  • who as old souls feel lost in their incarnation on earth

  • who are looking for alternative ways to better understand and support their children

A method advocating the truth of body messages and autonomy

Liberate yourself through your body and not through your mind

It is common for people who have already undergone several years of therapy to move towards the EnergyWorks® method.

There are many therapies, however, those which are based solely on the mental level certainly allow understanding, but rarely real liberation.

Many memories are not consciously accessible because they come from our early childhood, our intrauterine life, our karmic, family or transgenerational baggage.

We can only access it with great difficulty via the mental plane.

Only approaches that take into account the whole Being , that is to say on the energetic and spiritual levels, allow the person to go as far as liberation.

The EnergyWorks® method considers the person in their entirety and has the great advantage of leading them towards their own autonomy of liberation.

A Method that aims for autonomy

During an energy treatment, it is an outside person who acts on the energies of your body by making them move or by filling certain “holes”.

This will often provide relief. On the other hand, if you are not able to welcome or if you are resistant, you could:

  • or cancel the effects of the treatment

  • or have moved your blockages without releasing them.

With the EnergyWorks® method, it's a completely different approach. You are Master of your own healing. You learn to reconnect with yourself. The process respects the natural ecosystem of your different bodies depending on what you are ready to experience and release.

What is a blockage?

“Blockages” (conscious or unconscious) are only blocked vibrations within the different energy bodies.

Their origins can go back to our present life! But, they can also come from our intrauterine life, from our past lives or even from our family heritage. They come from multiple sources!

Blockages manifest themselves through our body through, among other things, pain, illness or unpleasant sensations. Blockages can also result in relationships or life situations that are repeated. This can also manifest itself through limiting thoughts!

The EnergyWorks® method allows release of daily blockages. Each situation that previously seemed difficult to manage will appear to you as an opportunity to free yourself.

Learning the EnergyWorks® method is possible through different support proposals, you are free to choose the one that resonates with you the most!

The different ways to discover the EnergyWorks® method?

You have the choice to join the program in group support, or to benefit from a personalised formula to learn how to free yourself: follow-up with me. T

  • Group support - 

Your group support is organised into 12 2-hour online group sessions surrounded by other people. The sessions take place over a period of 3 months. If you are not available to attend an appointment, a replay will be made available to you.

You will free yourself from all your blockages in a secure environment, with the support of a group, being accompanied at each step by a certified professional who will answer all your questions.

You will enrich yourself thanks to the different interactions of the participants.

  • 100% PERSONALISED individual support

Your individual support consists of 8-10 individual sessions of 1.5 hours, planned according to your availability over a period of 3 months to learn the EnergyWorks® method step by step.

This support is totally dedicated to you, I will be entirely available to support you in your learning of the method.

Here too, you will acquire total autonomy upon your release at the end of 3 months. You will know how to free yourself and control yourself in each situation that presents itself to you.

Who created the EnergyWorks® method?

As promised, I will tell you about my journey in a few lines. My name is Cindy Theodore, and I was raised in Paris by a great shaman, my wonderful great grandma; but for most of my life I denied my mediumistic abilities because of fear of the unseen world.

However, my awareness of the Spirit World had awakened again when I went through a major life change after having my 2nd son in 2014. The journey started with deep healing work on myself, followed by an amazing personal development.

This situation made me question not only my professional career, but also my personal life.

During this period of deep questioning, I realised that I was ignoring my own discomfort. I had insomnia, persistent back pain, reccurent UTI and unmanageable anxiety attacks. This was all the result of repressed emotions and my unexpressed hypersensitivity.

It was then that I began my path of introspection which began with trance mediumship. I completely immersed myself in this practice and decided to train professionally.

My goal was to find answers, to understand the impact of neglected emotions.

I also broadened my horizons by training in Reiki and providing healing. However, despite the benefits it brought, I felt that there were still limits to overcome. Particularly on the often only temporary release that this care provided.

My inner guidance then directed me towards learning shamanism.

Throughout my life, the universe gave me many uncomfortable experiences.I used to feel the thoughts, emotions and pains of every person around me! I then understand, through others, the key stages of liberation. 

This is how in 2019, the EnergyWorks® method was born, the fruit of my experience with my clients, my loved ones, and my own journey towards liberation guided by my own being.

Today, as a mother of two children, I am driven by my desire to extend the EnergyWorks® method to allow everyone to discover themselves, to fully blossom and live in harmony with themselves. My journey is a personal transformation which gave birth to a professional transformation. It bears witness to my quest to help others find inner peace, to flourish and to explore the depths of their Being.

The EnergyWorks® method represents my contribution to this quest for human fulfilment, a means of sharing love, healing and self-mastery.

My method offers the opportunity to free oneself in order to become Master of one's own life. This path will guide you towards a deep discovery of yourself and to live a life aligned with your Divine Blueprint

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