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Guiding your child on the Path of Spirituality

Guiding your child on the path of spirituality is an essential step for their well-being. Through this article, I help you approach spirituality with your child, take them on an inner journey and remain sensitive to their inner light which we call spirituality. To conclude, I will show you some simple techniques in spiritual accompaniment.

Defining spirituality

Vast topic… There are so many terms to define spirituality. Now, personally, I think that we should not have to ask ourselves what spirituality is.

Why? Quite simply because spirituality is the spirit of life, life, the breath of life in everything and in all things.

I'm talking about this impulse of life present in us, inside us.

So, we can give it various names like spirit of life, soul, source, universe, God, love, etc. It doesn't really matter, it's just important to understand that it is not an esoteric concept and that it is simply a matter of discovering who we really are.

Let us discover our soul, this divine essence which vibrates inside us and in which we also vibrate.

Life is spiritual in essence, children sense it, vibrate it, feel it.

It is up to us parents to continue to nourish this part of themselves so that they can remain sensitive to their being, from a very young age.

Discussing spirituality with children

Spirituality is a personal and unique concept specific to each person. There is no right or wrong way to approach spirituality with your child. I try to explain it to children in the simplest way possible.

So, I build on what I teach by using Reiki, chakras and crystals. Reiki healing leads parents and children to perceive the world around them in a different way.

Furthermore, Reiki is a real support for parents when they wish to integrate spirituality into the education of their children. It is an invitation addressed to children which allows them to connect with their inner light.

I like to tell children that there is a part of life that we see with our eyes and another part that we do not see, but that we feel. Children understand very well that emotions are not visible things. However, they manifest themselves through tears, laughter, etc.

Invite children on an inner journey

So, I explain to children that we have this body that we see, and inside, a being that vibrates and shines like a star. I make them aware that this body doesn’t matter, which keeps changing over the years. What matters is our deep identity, what we vibrate, what we feel, what passes through us.

In other words, everything we can see with the eyes of the heart. So, I invite them to take a little journey inside themselves, to meet this inner light, this vibrating heart. Ultimately, it is much simpler with children, because they have no questioning in them, nor this need for justification.

I guide them to allow them to connect with their star using multiple games. They must become aware of their vibrating soul and understand all this inner workings. I am talking here about the different bodies that make up us such as the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. Also, I support them with concrete tools so that they keep in touch with their soul.

Teaching Spirituality to Children

Spirituality is something that comes through experience. It is obvious that to teach it, you have to live it inside yourself and experience it. Yes, because spirituality remains completely subjective, and we adults must be able to feel it and feel it in order to share it with a child.

The child must be able to vibrate inside, understand what this evokes for him, the benefits he will get from it. Are the tools used or the exercises performed suitable for them? There are so many possibilities to do this inner exploration. So personally, I find that the most important tool to take into account in this teaching: it is us!

It is therefore necessary to have a certain amount of experimentation and good practice in exploration. So this requires practicing again and again. But the more we practice, the more we discover ourselves, the more we will know what suits us and what suits them.

If we take the example of meditation, some like to meditate sitting and others like walking. Sometimes children need to release their negative and emotional burdens by drawing or dancing. But they cannot know this unless they have tried various methods. We are going to have to have them explore several things.

Use simple techniques for your child

So, I decided to help you guide your child on the path to spirituality using simple techniques.

  • Cultivate curiosity: encourage your child to wonder about life, nature and love. Answer these questions simply.

  • Admire nature: take a walk with your child in nature and make him appreciate the song of birds, the beauty of flowers, the gentle caress of the wind, etc. Observe the trees, the sky together and talk about it.

  • Meditate: choose age-appropriate meditations and meditate together.

  • Teach the values ​​of life: talk to him about love, kindness, respect and gratitude. Be positive.

  • Choose the right reading material: read him stories that touch on spiritual themes.

  • Instill tolerance in him: teach him to respect the beliefs of others, even if they differ from his own.

  • Knowing how to discover himself: guide your child in his discovery of himself and what he likes.

  • Teach him self-confidence: show him what is good in him, what can make him even better.

  • Give him the keys to being happy: show him the path to a happy everyday life. Etc.

I wish us the best,


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