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How to protect yourself from psychic attacks from energy vampires

You may have already felt the presence of negative energy unbalancing your well-being and positivity.

This can be negative energy, intentionally directed towards us through thoughts, psychic attacks, feelings and emotions of those who are jealous and envious of our accomplishments.

How to recognize the presence of negative energy

Usually, we become aware of this worrying presence, transmitted through the anger and jealousy that we maintain within ourselves.

Signs range from discomfort to physical manifestations like stomach aches, exhaustion, nightmares and restless sleep. To know if it is truly an external intervention, you need to meditate and remove stress from your mind to bring about a feeling of peace, calm and harmony.

Energy vampires

Typically, those who commit energy attacks lead miserable lives and refuse to take care of themselves. At the slightest excuse, they blame others, refusing to take charge of the situation.

Energy vampires must constantly renew their dark energy and feed off the energy fields of others. Their attacks are strategic, they demoralise verbally and build a negative environment that matches their darkness.

Empaths are the most targeted

Emotional vampires choose targets who are sensitive and have big hearts, so their first choice is empaths, as they are the most vulnerable. They are their main source of energy because they can easily manipulate them on an emotional level.

Empaths are also known to be well-meaning and expect nothing in return, which suits the needs of these vampires very well.

Engagement with a Vampire

With prolonged bonding and debate and catching us off guard, energy vampires can undermine our positivity. If we give them our full attention and allow them access to our energy field, their toxicity gradually infiltrates our system.

The naivety of empaths

Empaths naturally inspire compassion and therefore their emotional vibrations are generally at a high level. But they are also naive and fall into the trap of vampires who gradually infiltrate their system. It is by preventing the empath's vibrations from reaching a certain level that vampires feed.

As these people do not protect their energy, they are the first victims of unsuspected energy attacks.

What to do when there is an attack?

It’s important to keep your cool when attacked because instead of fighting negativity, we contribute to it. This makes the aggressor much stronger and he will have a greater influence on our behaviour.

Our main goal should be to prevent our energetic vibrations from being low. It is the lower vibrations that attract energy vampires. We need to keep a positive mindset and healthy outlook as much as possible to prevent such attacks from happening in the future.

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