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REIKI as a Complementary Alternative Therapy

Technology has become so advanced that there are now science-backed healing treatments to virtually every illness, disease, and health issue. The healing world also has a number of new healing alternatives that provide non-evasive, safe, and helpful benefits that can support medically recommended treatments. One of these complementary alternative therapies is Reiki.

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly associated with energy healing. Nowadays, Reiki is commonly used to release negative energy, attain better rest and relaxation, and clear the weary mind and soul. What most people don’t know is Reiki can also be used as a complementary alternative therapy – a form of therapy that supports and enhances existing professionally recommended treatments (aka Western Medicine).

What is Reiki as a Complementary Alternative Medicine?

Reiki was founded in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, a physician, and Tendai Buddhist Monk. Originating in Japan, a qualified Reiki practitioner administers Reiki by the “laying on of hands.” It includes non-invasive touches in different parts of the body in different locations ranging from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, depending on where energy is needed in the body to bring it back into balance.

A Reiki practitioner becomes a medium of pure, clean, positive energy that flows freely from the Universe’s energy source. Through the Reiki channel, the recipient receives healing positive energy to replace the negative energy that exhausts the body and makes it susceptible to feelings and emotions that can weigh a person down and create mental blocks or fatigue in the mind.

As a complementary alternative medicine, Reiki heals the mind, the body, and the soul. The support provided by each Reiki session can bring holistic healing effects.

What are the Benefits of Reiki as a form of Complementary Alternative Therapy?

Reiki relieves the negative emotional effects of illnesses, diseases and overcome grief

Patients dealing with critical illness and serious health conditions usually deal with a lot of emotions. Most of these emotions are heavy, negative, and can be emotionally challenging. Reiki supports healing by helping relieve the negative emotional effects that come with dealing with health issues and overcoming grief. As Reiki replaces the negative energy stuck in the body with a more positive flow, patients can feel lighter, and can even feel more optimistic, or even inspired.

Regular Reiki sessions also allow patients to break free from the stresses of invasive medical treatments, giving them more time to relish on rest and relaxation – two perks that patients don’t always receive.

Reiki alleviates the pain involved in the treatments.

One of the benefits of Reiki for cancer is pain management. There are strong, powerful treatments that involve painful processes that can be too much for the patient. Reiki as an alternative therapy provides this respite for pain.

Unlike traditional medications for pain, Reiki can reduce pain without the negative side effects. Reiki can also assist with speeding up recovery post-medical treatments or surgeries. It’s a completely natural and holistic way for someone to feel rejuvenated more quickly after intense medical treatments.

Reiki for pain management addresses the emotional source of pain. Fear is often involved when perceiving medical treatments. By addressing the emotional aspect of pain, Reiki can soothe our fear and help us feel more relaxed so that we may observe the level of pain without feeling attached to it, improving our perception around pain. Pain will be there – especially when treatments become more intense. However, when coupled with Reiki, patients can “accept” the pain better.

Reiki minimises stress and anxiety.

When you’re dealing with chronic illness, stress and anxiety are inevitable. Not knowing what your illness can turn into, you can easily be consumed by anxiety and fear. When you’re constantly bombarded by stress and anxiety, your health condition can be negatively affected. It’s easy for the body to go down a spiral quickly without realizing it.

Reiki is a healing modality that can support people in chronic conditions. It is a gentle, therapeutic form of general energy release whereas Intuitive. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and minimizes anxiety. Reiki’s gentle touch can enable you to achieve a positive mental state. Regular hospital trips, doctor’s appointments, and painful medical treatments can make it hard for your mind to take a break from the constant stress and anxiety. Reiki provides you an opportunity to enter into a deep relaxation, giving your body the chance to be free from chronic stress and anxiety, even just for a while.

Reiki prepares the body for treatment.

Dealing with a stressful and traumatic situation like having a chronic illness is inevitably going to cause energy blocks on the body. When one’s energy flow is blocked, the functions of the heart, the nervous system, and every cell of the body becomes affected. In turn, the body may not respond as well with medical treatments.

Reiki can clear these energy blocks. The healing benefits of Reiki encourages a better flow of positive energy in the body, awakening the heart, the cells, and allowing the systems to work for you. When negative energy is eliminated off your body, it can be better prepared to accept treatment entirely.

Reiki can pave the way to better clinical outcomes.

When one’s body is relaxed, rejuvenated, and free from stagnant, negative energy, the system can respond better to medicines, treatments, and healing sessions. Reiki can help in achieving better clinical outcomes by purging out the factors that could prevent healing from happening in the body.

Reiki heavily supports the body’s immune system positively.

Apart from taking in vitamins and healthy food to help bolster your body’s immune system, you can also try Reiki.

Remember when after feeling anxious and stressed, you just feel worn out? It’s because blocked energy flows can keep you from feeling lighter, more relaxed, and mindful. When you’re constantly plagued by anxiety and stress, and negative thoughts, your body suffers; your immune system also takes a blow.

When Reiki is applied around your immune system, not only is it giving it a big boost, it is also supporting your adrenal glands and lowering cortisol levels. When a Reiki treatment is given properly, it has been shown in several scientific studies that Reiki activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps with reducing your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing your body to enter a truly relaxed state.

By allowing your body to relax and release toxic energy, you protect your immune system. When you’re dealing with chronic diseases, keeping your body’s ability to withstand infections and viruses is key. Reiki can help with that.

Reiki can encourage a positive outlook.

If you’re always reminded that your illness is affecting your life in a huge way, it’s easy to feel slumped and discouraged. Although feelings of anxiety can be triggered by external forces, the real root of worry comes from within. When our emotions are so worn down by negative energy, it’s so hard to find things we can be grateful for.

With Reiki, you can release energy associated with worry, anger, and fear. You can find optimism and excitement for the future. You can also feel that it’s easier to live in the moment and not worry about things you cannot control. Reiki can help you feel more present and it opens up an invitation for you to feel more connected with yourself.

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