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Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Reiki therapy for children with Cindy Theodore
Reiki therapy for children with Cindy Theodore

When children don’t get the chance to ground and release the energies they’ve picked up naturally, or if their own ways do not suffice, they can develop more severe problems, like sleeping problems, hyperactive behaviour (AD(H)D), autism-like behaviour, low self-esteem, aggressive behaviour, and so on. Because children receive too many stimuli, their energy system can become overloaded. Particularly sensitive children (also called ‘new-age children’) get out of balance. In any situation, energy healing can be a great support to a child’s process and wellbeing. Reiki can be used on children and during pregnancy; with children the session would be shorter than with an adult.

Children are generally more receptive than adults to energy healing, simply because they have much less blockages and psychological barriers, despite the fact that they tend to easily absorb their parents' problems.

Unlike adults, they have kept the connection with Universal Energy. They will accept this healing in joy and with more simplicity than the adult.

And even if they don’t know exactly what is happening to them, they certainly feel the benefits.

Reiki benefits to children

  • May encourages empathy, a feeling of connection to living things, plants, trees, animals that they will carry forward into their relationships with other people.

  • Promotes creativity

  • May enhance relaxation and improve sleep

  • May help to relieve stress

  • May improve concentration in school when taking tests

  • May increase clarity & focus

  • May calm anxieties, phobias and fears which promotes a feeling of inter-peace

  • May calm and promote balance through centering and grounding

  • May enhance self awareness and self esteem

  • May help to manage hyper-activity and self regulation

  • May assist in treatment of obsessive compulsions, addictions and depression

  • May alleviate hypersensitivities

  • May help with healing injuries, pain relief, pre/post surgery

  • May promote bonding in the family

  • May help with specific emotional & physical issues but cannot replace consulting your doctor.

  • Gives children a way to deal with the stresses of growing up

  • Reiki will allow any natural ability to flow through at the right time

How your child might feel after a treatment?

Most people feel refreshed and energised much like someone who has had a good night’s sleep.

If a physical condition has been the priority of the session then they will more often than not feel sensations surrounding the treatment of the physical alignment, such as a decrease in pain.

Other experiences may be that the child will feel emotional, nurtured, secure and happy.

The reasons for these different experiences are in direct correlation to the Reiki treatment. Very often the effects of a treatment can continue for hours or days after an initial session.

Very sensitive to children’s pain, I offer Reiki healing sessions for children from the age of four; to help them find a better emotional and physical balance. A session consists of a brief intake, a light and warm introduction and a 30 minute hands-on healing session. The time may of course vary per child.

For babies and children, their presence is not necessary.

If your child comes to the session, plan something to keep him busy (colouring, drawing, reading, homework, sudoku...).

Babies from 0 to 2 years old

I understand mothers who are worried and who feel that their child has something to express that they cannot understand.

It is important to consult doctors and osteopaths, but if science cannot help you, there may be a more subtle problem that can be identified with energy healing.

I offer this service because I have seen many babies and mothers in silent suffering.

Young children from 2 to 5 years old

Young children (2 to 5 years old) who have behavioural problems or fears at night are often misunderstood. Parents without means become more severe.

They are said to be finicky or stubborn, but I think one or more of their needs are not being met. Sometimes it may be that a wound in them has reopened following an event (even trivial in the eyes of the parents).

Children from 6 to 12 years old

I also work with children aged 6 to 12, who have behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, aggression or anxiety disorders, but also with those who are bullied.

I also facilitate Reiki after school club classes for children a few times a year. Children can easily use Reiki on themselves once taught what to do. My main objective is to enable children to take care of themselves and guide them on their path, be in sync with their natural abilities and to fortify these abilities.

With love,

Cindy x

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