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You intuitively “know” that something is happening to your body and you begin to feel differently or have unusual feelings that you cannot explain. Your body does not react as before to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns. Your body just feels “different” for reasons you can’t explain. You may feel like you are losing your mind or “going crazy” at times and the odd feelings are hard to explain. Many things are changing and you feel that you are transforming.

Changes in diet, eating habits and digestion. Fluctuation between being hungry all the time to complement lack of appetite. The food starts to taste different.

You are drawn to particular foods that you may not have liked before, especially healthier, natural foods; you experience sudden aversions to particular foods that you might have enjoyed in the past, and aversions to unhealthy or processed foods and chemicals.

You experience aches all over your body or in particular areas that come and go; pain or stiffness in joints, muscles and bones for no apparent reason that is not due to injury, exercise or fatigue, particularly in the back, along the spine, neck, shoulders and head. There may be a general tension throughout the body and the pains may be accompanied by other strange sensations.

You experience general changes in vision and perception. You may see sparks or flashes of light in your peripheral vision. You may have dry or itchy eyes, or blurry vision from time to time, or see air or static energy in the air; all of this can happen even after the eye problems have been eliminated. You may see auras or light around people, animals, or objects. The third eye (inner sight) begins to awaken more.

The physical changes of the heart occur as well as the expansion of the spiritual heart. You may experience spontaneous heart palpitations or pounding from time to time that is not related to exercise or exertion or to any medical condition. You experience strange energies and sensations in and around the heart and chest. The Ascension process opens and awakens the Heart Chakra (heart-centred consciousness and love).

You experience pressure and pain in or around the head and face, including the skull, eyes, ears, sinuses, teeth and gums, often moving from side to side; frequent headaches; strange sensations around the head or eyes such as pinpricks, electric shocks, heating energy, tingling, or spasms that come and go quickly for no reason. The Crown chakra and the third eye are awakening and energy activations are taking place.

Upset stomach or changes in your digestion which may or may not be due to changes in diet. Symptoms can include irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion and gastrointestinal issues, and; also swelling in the lower abdomen and back. Problems related to the root chakra region are common during the ascension process and symptoms related to the release of toxins and other negative energies being released from the body.

Sudden or gradual weight gain or loss, especially in the abdominal area (development of a Buddha belly). These weight changes can occur even if there is no change in your diet or activity level. Changes in eating habits or appetite; feeling full or bloated more often; periods when there is a lack of appetite for days at a time, or overeating and sudden bouts of extreme hunger or thirst out of the blue.

Frequent headaches or migraines that cannot be resolved by taking medication; Experiencing strange sensations that suddenly occur in the head/skull area, often in one particular place or side, often alternating. Feeling of intense or uncomfortable head pressure, head dizziness or pulsating heat, often in the skull/crown area as if your head is being compressed; feel energy jolts, static electricity, pinpricks, tingling along the head.

You may experience more clumsiness or bump into walls or objects more often; lack of coordination control at times; dropping things more often; feeling dizzy, especially when sitting up or standing up suddenly; feeling restless or nervous at times. A feeling of disorientation or being detached from reality; live “in your head” you get distracted easily.

Experiencing moments of audio dyslexia where someone is speaking but it’s like you can’t process the information or understand what they’re saying; periods when words seem to lose their meaning or no longer have meaning in the same way as before; muddled thoughts or difficulty understanding things. Let go without worry, let it rest. Say you are tired.

Moments of memory loss that may come and go or for short periods. Forgetting the names of common objects at times; forgetting simple words during conversations or forgetting what you are going to say or do moments after thinking it; forgetting why you entered a room; experiencing periods of brain fog or brain freezes, often being language-related; scrambled or scattered thinking.

Sudden itching all over or in various parts of the body for no reason; bouts of acne or hives, flushing of the face, rashes or other unusual skin changes that occur out of the blue. Changes in hair texture and even slight changes in colour or highlights; may experience sudden thinning of hair or hair loss; other scalp problems such as dandruff and itching; Hair and nails may start growing faster than usual despite other problems.

Feeling unusual vibrations or a vibrating sensation in the body or in certain parts of the body; pulsating or vibrating waves or rushes of energy throughout the body; tingling sensations, “pins and needles’’, static electricity, jolts or zappes of energy, muscle twitches and muscle spasms; bouts of itching or numbness in limbs, especially the arms, hands, legs or feet, unexpectedly. These sporadic energies and symptoms will be felt in the different chakra centres depending on blockages/problems or clearing or energetic activation;

Periods of sudden nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apparent reason; feel energy circulating, around particular people or in certain places; unexplainable worry, panic attacks or feeling overwhelmed; a feeling that you are going crazy or losing your mind; nerve breakdowns; experiencing a “dark night of the soul”; soul transformations or transformation events occurring all at once; sudden and unexpected changes and the feeling that you are out of control.

Unusual, intense, or wild dreams or visions that can be pleasant, even frightening; see reappearing dream themes or certain people who appear often; weird abstract dreams that are hard to explain; prophetic or precognitive dreams; Periods when you cannot remember a dream activity; increased lucid dreaming, astral projection, or other unusual out-of-body experiences; experience varying levels of consciousness or multidimensional perception.

Periods of extreme fatigue, without any reason, which occurs unexpectedly, or on waking although completely rested; needing to take naps more often or just close your eyes for a few moments and the fatigue suddenly passes; times when the opposite happens, and you feel wide awake and energised despite lack of sleep, or hyper-focused despite fatigue; periods of laziness or lack of motivation.

Changes in hearing or increased sensitivity to sound; hearing unusual sounds or strange auditory sensations; sudden ringing or buzzing in the ears, beeps, sounds, frequencies, sounds that emit or pulsate; Periods of extreme sensitivity where sounds seem louder than usual, and periods where sounds or voices become more muffled.

Cold/flu symptoms that come on and then go away without actually turning into a cold or flu; feeling of stuffiness or pressure in the head; sinus and allergy problems; breathing problems; thyroid problems; lethargy and fatigue; periods of frequent sneezing or yawning even if no other cold/flu symptoms or fatigue are present.

Do you see more and more worried people rushing to the doctor and the pharmacy, even more than before? We are scared with the disease rather than informing us about what is happening, it pays off to the labs!

Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature; sudden increase in sensitivity or intolerance to heat or cold; circulation problems; having chills or feeling cold all the time for no reason, or periods of extreme heat, hot flashes, night sweats, and heat waves all over the body or in certain areas;

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity, an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsences and other extra-sensory abilities; heightened intuition and awakening of the third eye chakra or “inner vision”; prophetic or precognitive dreams or more frequent visions; flashes of insight and inspiration; more intense or vivid dreams, unusual daydreams, visualising or fantasising more often.

You may notice reflections or sparkles of light in the environment, especially in nature, strange fog, halos or auras around people or trees, plants and animals. Lights may suddenly appear brighter and more intense or unusual. Objects seem to fade or become more or less blurry. Unsuspected experiences with vision and perception in general.

You can cause interference in electrical devices; electronic devices that behave in unusual ways or operate in your presence, especially when you are in a state of intense emotion, such as anger or sadness; having light bulbs that explode or flicker when you are near; feeling more exhausted or energetically drained near too many electrical devices or when they are around you for long periods of time; sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and ability to influence them.

Time seems distorted; unusual changes in the experience of time, events and memories; having the feeling or perception that time is speeding up, or that the perception of time is speeding up, and that at other times time is slowing down or stopping; feeling like you can’t accomplish everything you want or that “time is running out”; feel a sense of urgency; a feeling that “something is about to happen” or that something is coming and you need to be prepared; feelings of deja vu and other similar experiences.

Changes in sleep patterns or erratic sleep schedules; constantly sleeping and waking up, having disturbed sleep.

Have a good book next to the bed or don’t panic.

You can be a night owl and have increased energy at night and less energy during the day; frequent awakenings often between the hours of 2 a.m. — 4 a.m. for no apparent reason. There may be periods of insomnia that last for days; experiencing sudden fatigue during the day for no reason. Having strange or unusual dreams or dream visions during naps; increased astral projection or lucid dream experiences.

A feeling of detachment or wanting to suddenly withdraw from family, friends and colleagues, or the world in general; profound life changes, a sudden loss of interest in hobbies or interests that once excited you; not being able to relate to certain things and people in the same way as before; feeling attracted to other people or to certain environments or situations; wanting to be alone more often and needing to be in your own space or “sanctuary” and finding comfort in your “inner world”; become a hermit; More time for self-reflection and introspection.

Emotional peaks or heightened emotions; crying spells that happen for no reason or feeling sad for no apparent reason; more empathetic or sensitive to other people’s moods or emotions or even when watching something on television or listening to particular music; out of the blue hysterical bursts of laughter or silly or giddy feelings for nothing.

Look at your surroundings and feel as if you are living in a dream world or an alternate reality; Experiencing the outside world as “unreal”; things look “wrong”, out of place, distorted or unusual; feeling as if in a stupor or trance; feeling, disoriented, confused, spatial or unfounded; feeling detached, withdrawn or isolated; preferring to be in your “inner world” and feeling more introspective.

Feeling like you don’t exist, like you’re invisible to others, or like you’re a total stranger. Strange times when you feel others can’t hear you, or you can’t hear or see them; not relating to others in the same way as before.

A strong feeling that you are lost and don’t know who you are. A feeling of being someone other than you thought you were before and wanting to find your “true self”. Experiencing a loss of ego or personal identities, loss of old belief systems and programs. feeling dissociated or fragmented; Experience multidimensional consciousness. Feel different in general.

A sudden feeling of being connected to nature and animals like never before; increased sensitivity to plants, trees, flowers; a deep understanding and appreciation of nature and animals, and more natural or serene environments; an irresistible desire to be in nature or to live in a more natural and serene environment. Nature begins to energize you and bring you peace of mind and expand your heart.

Abrupt life. Changes in work, friends, hobbies, interests or living environments, or a sudden feeling of wanting to move or being attracted to a particular area. You may begin to resonate with certain geographic locations or a desire to travel in general; a desire for profound change or deeper meaning in your life; Chance encounters with unusual people or significant people who come into your life in sync and risk your life in pleasant ways. Find old relationships. Being attracted to people you’ve never talked to.

An increased feeling of Divine and unconditional Love; moments of gratitude and deep appreciation for life; increased peace, clarity, understanding and compassion; profound revelations and insights; a sense of unity and interdependence; feel more connected with nature, other people, animals, the universe, Spirit/Source, God, All, etc. Encounters with angelic and cosmic beings, and awareness of the presence of non-physical entities or energies.

A sudden increase in synchronicity — meaningful coincidences that frequently occur when you least expect them. You may notice 11:11 and other repeating sequences such as 111, 1212, 333, 444, 144 or other significant or significant numbers that appear unusually to you in your day to day life’; odd alignment of events or chance encounters; meet people in sync that turn into meaningful relationships.

Increased need to “talk about yourself” or internal chatter. You will find yourself speaking to your Self more often. Internal dialogue is sometimes clairvoyant or telepathic. Moments of heightened energy where you can receive channelled information or experience automatic writing.

Conversational moments where you feel energised by extremely clear and profound speech and then unable to recall or repeat it in the same way or with the same clarity, as if it were deep wisdom coming from your higher self or Spirit.

You may experience an overwhelming desire to leave the planet and a deep desire to return home, even though you don’t know where “home” is and cannot explain this feeling. It is not a “suicidal” feeling or necessarily a feeling based on escape or pain. You feel compelled to reconnect with Source/Spirit and you begin to search for deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

Why do I love my memory?

Because you live in the 3D world where memory is used to know something. You are heading into the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to work. Your memory disappears to encourage you to use your ability to respond intuitively. Now is the time to just know what you need to know at any given time. Losing your memory is a positive event. It affects all age groups. This especially applies to Lightworkers who have been here a long time.

With love, Cindy x

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