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Cindy Théodore


Embody your full potential as a multidimensional woman

and live serenely in this world and within your family

Therapist, speaker and trainer, I lead training and retreats.

I also offer online programs,  light code activation

and healing gifts.


I support spiritual women to embody their full potential

in this world and within their family.

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My prime course

Chakra Create™ with Reiki

Join us for a transformational Reiki Energy Healing.
Uncover a world of mental, emotional and spiritual balance with our comprehensive 7 week programme.

Each session will focus on a different chakra or energy centre to powerfully support return to balance, and will:

  • Provide you with techniques and exercises to incorporate into daily routines

  • Affirmations for stability and energy

You can choose to book a place on one, multiple or all of the sessions.

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I am a mother of seven year old twins, one with additional needs and a very poor sleeper. I took a private one to one Reiki 1 course with Cindy because I was seeking a tool to support my children, in particular my special boy, on a daily basis.

My  4 offers to support you

Heart Girl

For women

Immersive experiences,

online meditation programs to fulfil oneself serenely in one's life as that sensitive woman.

Making a Heart

For families

A unique training to live consciously with your child and parent-child retreats to live a harmonious family life while respecting the sensitivity and unity of each person.

Caring Child

Many resources

(Reiki course, meditation programs) to teach them to listen to their little inner voice and to turn their sensitivity into strength.

Charity Support

Group Reiki services for Corporate virtual or in-person Retreats,  Reiki level 1 course or other team-building events. 

For women

Heart of my Soul

The feminine is openness to life, to what we are without restraint to find our truth, our authenticity and stop fighting, doing violence to ourselves. Putting down the armor to give way to our true nature. Let yourself be captured by the sweetness, the delight of existence to finally no longer seek anything but simply let yourself be.. For 12 weeks, let yourself be Loved, enter the dance...

the one where your soul has fun and reaps

the richness of truly living.

Image by Katharina Roehler

The Wisdom Keepers™ Retreat

You left too much room for the mother in you,

Do you often feel frustrated at having little time for yourself and are you tired of sacrificing yourself for others?

You have difficulty showing yourself, accepting your beauty,

your light and yet you want it so much?

Do you want to feel more like a woman without being ashamed of yourself, to feel your sensuality, your femininity, your body?

Do you want to feel your needs, know what feels good and manage your emotions?

You want to regain your confidence and your joy as a woman

while being a mother?

A retreat for the mystic woman wanting to find herself,

recharge her batteries, honour you and be reborn to the multiple, divine woman that she IS.

Image by Jessica Felicio

For families

Conscious Conception:
Embracing Spiritual Practices to Connect with Your Future Baby

What would you like to share with your future child(ren)?

How would it feel to hear them, see them and know what they have to say to you?

And why is it important for you or for them to have this forward-thinking communication?

What would you like to know and why?

Have you ever wondered where they are, who they are, what your relationship is with them?

How long have your souls known each other and why do you have this upcoming journey together?

If all of this interests you then this training is for you.

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Spiritual Retreat

At the Heart of the Parent-Child Bond

Do you want to experience a spiritual retreat with your children where everyone learns to know themselves in order to live happily?

Do you want to experience special heart-to-heart moments with your child and meet families who work for a life rich in meaning?

A stay for yourself and your child,

Rediscover yourself differently,


Growing in consciousness together.

Image by Caroline Hernandez

For workplaces

Maya Qí Sun Signature

Have you experienced our Reiki healing sessions at your workplace?

Ever walk into a space and just feel like the energy is off?

Do you want to show your employees your gratitude for all their hard work and dedication?

What better way than to give them a deeply relaxing and enriching experience in the middle of their workday?
Reiki frees up mind-space so you and your team can be more creative, better at problem solving, and more prepared for handling whatever high-stakes situations come for you.

Image by Jonathan Borba

For children

Reiki Kids Little Healers

You would like your child to 

 have an awareness of his own energy in

order to be confident, love himself

and explore his innate potential?

You want to be one of those who contribute

to the emergence of the new education?

Children have a natural awareness of healing energy and can often see it. They are very close to the flow of life.

It is easy for them to learn Reiki.

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Best Sellers

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