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Old souls are experienced souls. Indeed, before incarnating on this Earth, they have already lived many lives...

Within their Being is the wisdom of their experiences. These are individuals who often feel on the margins of society and who are endowed with a magnificent sensitivity...

Their past offers them a wealth of experience, but they also carry the weight of their karmic baggage.

As an old soul incarnated on Earth, it is very likely that you carry certain vibrations linked to your past lives... However, when an old soul takes its path of freedom, it embodies an inner harmony that will resonate even with less connected souls .

This is why it is very important to know how to be aware of your vibrations in order to use them to evolve and not to feel imprisoned by them on a daily basis...

In this article, you will learn how to free yourself from this karmic baggage in order to evolve and move to the higher level of consciousness.

The weight of karmic baggage of old souls

To be an old soul?

Before starting and getting to the heart of the matter, I wanted to make sure that the concept of “old souls” was perfectly understood.

If you are still in doubt whether you are an old soul or not, I highly recommend you click on this article:

So this concept will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Now let's see what the karmic baggage of an old soul consists of.

Understanding the Karmic Baggage of an Old Soul

When a soul has many life experiences, it necessarily carries with it a heavy karmic baggage!

Besides, if I had to summarise karma, it would come down to this sentence:

| Karmic baggage contains the vibrations of our past lives and what we experience   today is a vibrational consequence of our past…

Everything in the universe is vibration! It is the same for our emotions, our actions, our pain and our intentions…

Our cells remember all the vibrations that we have experienced in the past, at least those that have not been released.

Imagine that in a past life you were betrayed, today you may live in constant fear of betrayal. It is even very likely that in this life, you will have to experience this betrayal again...

Why? Because you unconsciously carry this vibration within you and it has not yet been released...

This is an example like any other…

You may also have a phobia, such as fear of driving for no rational reason. It could be that in another life you were in a car accident and you still carry this vibration.

I'll let you realise for yourself what the accumulation of all these vibrations causes as well as the influences they can have on your current life...

The Karma of an Old Soul

Karma is a law of the universe which is based on the principle of cause and effect.

I really like to connect it to another concept: the Law of Vibration stating that we attract to us what we vibrate!

Thus, we attract to us all the experiences which correspond, among other things, to all the karmic vibrations that we carry!

Our karma therefore considerably influences our reality, even more than we can imagine. We are guided 95% of our time by our automatic programs, and guess what they contain?

Our vibrations…

This is why it is important to make them aware and free them from the risk of living life based on wounded past vibrations...

How to free yourself from your karma as an old soul?

Some people engage in extensive research into their past lives or Akashic records. They think that by finding the cause of their discomfort, this will allow them to understand what is happening inside them and thus free themselves.

However, if this quest is limited only to discovering the source of certain wounds or certain behaviours, no freedom will be possible...


It is possible to convince oneself of certain truths and to develop rational arguments, but as long as the transformation is only on the mental plane, no true karmic release can take place...

Remember: karmic baggage consists of vibrations, so the release of karma can only be on the vibrational plane.

So, if looking for the cause does not contribute to true freedom, how can we access our karmic memories?

Rest assured, you have all the tools you need to free yourself!

How do you detect your physical or emotional suffering? By feeling sensations inside your body, right? Well the secret lies here!

The process of releasing karmic baggage for Old souls

Your body communicates through energetic vibrations that you can feel thanks to the sensations perceived inside your body!

This is where the source of your freedom lies. Moreover, you can have access to it as soon as it is necessary…

Here is the process:

It should be put into practice as soon as you experience pain, an emotion or certain repetitive thoughts that trigger sensations in you.

  1. Become aware: Position yourself as an observer and place your awareness on the sensations you feel.

  2. Observe: A shiver runs through you, a tension is triggered in a part of your body? What feelings do you feel? Are your limbs contracting? Is your heart palpitating strongly?

  3. Understanding to reassure the mind: The sensations you feel are blocked vibrations that have become activated. The energy flow no longer circulates. These vibrations need to be fully felt for them to flow again. It is by them flowing within you that they will be freed.

  4. Choose: You may experience several bodily sensations at the same time. Position yourself in the area where the feelings are strongest.

  5. Feel: Let this vibration pass through you. Focus fully on her. It may change in intensity or shape. Let it run through your body...

This method allows you to recirculate your vibrations and therefore to release them permanently using a simple, accessible and natural process!

This practice should be used as often as possible.

As an old soul you may be receptive to many emotions or energies, this process will also work when you feel overwhelmed.

I wish you, dear old soul, a beautiful reconnection with your Being to offer you a life full of meaning!


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