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Old souls have a very important place in the balance of our society. They can achieve unconditional happiness that very few Beings can feel on this Earth.

Many old souls feel lost in their lives and have difficulty finding their placfies in this world.

It is for this reason that, in this period of great change, it seemed necessary to me to write about this subject.

In this article, I will explain to you precisely what an old soul is, then I will offer you a self-assessment in order to feel if you feel concerned by this designation. If this is not your case, maybe you will recognize someone close to you in this profile 😉.

Then, I will finish by giving advice to these Beings so that they can enhance their incarnation on earth.

What is an old soul?

Define old souls

Old souls are Beings who have lived many lives before the current one.

Throughout their many past lives, their souls have retained the wisdom of their experience.

However, this maturity is accompanied by greater karmic baggage (or karma). These karmic memories are directly linked to past facts that have not yet been released.

Old souls are sensitive individuals, frequently on the fringes of society due to their deep insight. Their previous experiences have made them more aware of human emotions, suffering and understanding, making them more empathetic and understanding.

Old souls embody a wealth of experience that sets them apart from younger souls. They thus offer a valuable contribution to collective spiritual evolution. Their presence on Earth is fundamental, often misunderstood, these Beings are nevertheless real guides of life.

For these experienced souls, their challenge will be to reconnect with their Original Being and free themselves from their karmic baggage. Once this path is taken, these people will embody inner harmony and a natural resonance will be established towards less connected souls.

Now let’s move on to this famous self-assessment to find out if you are an old soul!

The 10 characteristics of an old soul

During this self-assessment, simply ask yourself this question…

“Does this characteristic resonate with me? »

I remind you, if you do not recognise yourself, you may recognize one of your loved ones in the details that follow.

Here are the 10 characteristics of an old soul:

  1. An old soul feels different, its interests are different from others. Moreover, it often begins in childhood…

  1. An old soul loves solitude! He likes this feeling of calm and introspection.

  1. An old soul has a natural tendency to connect with its spirituality. He likes to research this subject to enrich herself with knowledge. But also, to find all the information that allows him to get closer to himself. During his life, he will not wish to reconnect with his soul which is a source of suffering, but with her Original Being.

  1. An old soul undertakes things out of passion. He needs to act from the heart. Moreover, most of the time, this state of mind allows him to achieve numerous successes. On the other hand, in certain cases, its success can be compromised if it carries blockages that it has not yet released.

  1. An old soul is very strongly connected to its intuition. And this, more and more during its evolution. Because of their difference, it is likely that an old soul disguises itself with a veil of illusion and doubts its feelings. Over the course of his life, he will learn that his intuitions are correct and doubts will diminish as he meets himself. He knows how to make decisions aligned with his true Being.

  1. An old soul is hypersensitive and very empathetic. At the beginning of his journey, he often considers these characteristics to be burdensome and difficult to live with. Yet... They are true allies, they are filled with love, and are clearly essential to accomplishing what an old soul came to bring to this Earth.

  2. An old soul is in constant search of knowledge, knowledge and Truth. He does not just acquire information, moreover, he systematically carries out research and discernment on what he learns.

  1. An old soul knows! He has certain innate knowledge. He doesn't know how to explain why or how he feels a Truth within him…

  1. An old soul has a broad vision. He has a great capacity for discernment.

  1. An old soul is detached from the material. He knows that the important thing in life is not found in possessions and acquisitions, but in the inner experiences that life offers.

If you recognise yourself in most of these points, you are most likely an old soul.

You are one of these Beings of Light who came to Earth to help others connect to their true essences.


Being an old soul on Earth can be experienced as a heavy and complicated incarnation to live with... Especially socially!

How to successfully incarnate as an old soul?

As I mentioned to you previously, an old soul embodies deep wisdom, but also... Many memories linked to their karma! Their different way of approaching and feeling life is often difficult to live with in our society. Often, old souls get lost when it comes to social adaptation...

Until the day...Continuing to live in disagreement with themselves becomes more complicated than playing a role to be socially accepted.

At this stage, an old soul becomes aware and frees itself of all its conditioning and gently removes its “veil of illusion and judgments”. This veil had made him forget who he deeply was...

Then, quite naturally, the liberation of one's karmic memories becomes obvious! ‍

Did you recognise yourself as an old soul through these lines?

In order to succeed in your incarnation on Earth as an old soul, I advise you first to reconnect with your body and begin to free yourself from your emotions. These states of mind are also part of karmic liberation.

Reiki allows a real reconnection to the messages of your body and a release of blockages. It can greatly help you free yourself from all these accumulated memories.

When an old soul begins its journey of inner liberation, its incarnation transforms into a magnificent source of joy and radiates energy and gratitude. When it is fully itself and aligned in its life, an old soul feels “in service”, it deeply feels that it is in its place in this life, it then deeply embodies its soul mission!

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed, Cindy.

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