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Reiki I Class for Teens ( ages 13-17)

Giving your teenagers the gift of Reiki is really a life-long gift of healing and self-responsibility; a wonderful opportunity to discover their innate gifts of peace and potentia

Reiki is an easily learned, gentle and transformative practice that teenagers of all ages can learn. This practice provides a lifelong tool for coping and healing in these uncertain and changing times. 


The ability to practise Reiki empowers teenagers and boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Reiki is an easy, quick and effective tool to help deal with the many challenges and issues that come up in a busy day. Any teens experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation, pain and difficulty concentrating will benefit from this very easy practice.


Reiki is super beneficial for teens who may be having some physical, emotional stress. 

  • Anxiety - If your child or one that you know shows agitation or anxiety of any form (separation anxiety, anxiety associated with trying new things, social anxiety), they might need some kind of reinforcement.

  • Restlessness - Often, teens showing restlessness are often labeled as misbehaved, when in fact, they could be struggling with energy and emotions and not understanding why they feel the way they do. If they are constantly exposed to a wired-up environment, they could bring this energy with them. 

  • Stressful Situations - If a child is exposed to challenging school settings, complicated family issues, or set-ups that are difficult to understand at a young age, their tendency to catch stress and negative energy is increased. 


By helping teens develop a healthy relationship with their feelings, emotions and releasing what is not theirs or no longer servicing them we are setting them up for an easier transition through all of life's stages.  Kids who have reiki and breathing techniques in their little emotional toolbox will be able to handle any adversity that comes their way in a more healthy manner than those who don't or haven't been taught or shown how to handle life's ups and downs.  

The 60 minute Reiki club focuses on providing your adolescent with hands-on techniques for self-practice as well as treatment of loved ones, friends and even pets! It is the perfect tool to help you navigate through life in a gentle, yet very powerful way.

This class is perfect for 13-17 year olds who have shown an interest in learning about and practising Reiki.

The benefits of Reiki for your child/teens

  • Improves concentration and learning skills

  •  Releases tension

  • Stabilises emotional states (anger, anxiety, sadness, frustration)

  • Moderates hyperactivity

  • Relieves the sores of everyday life

  • Increases confidence level

  • Allows children to accept themselves as they are

  • Raises their self-esteem

  • Enables better coping strategies

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Accompanies medical treatments, the consequences of a surgical operation


Besides helping teens relax and balance their emotions, reiki therapy can help them deal with exhausting school work, expectations, or sudden life changes.

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