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Reiki for children, for parents, in family

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Reiki and children

Parents who are initiated and who practise meditation with Reiki as well as self-healing can testify that children are very receptive to Reiki Energy. If children can receive Reiki healing, they can also pass it on.

There is no age limit for channelling Reiki, neither too young nor too old, neither too early nor too late.

Some of my clients were initiated while being pregnant, others received a few sessions before giving birth. Women using IVF have also received Reiki, then during pregnancy, and so on. Many children are born with Reiki in them because their parents were initiated before they were born.

When parents are initiated into Reiki after birth, children are equally receptive. Reiki is of course not imposed on the child. It is a question of proposing Reiki to your children by affixing your hands, not by imposing them. It is important to understand that Reiki asks for the respect of the free will of others, consequently their authorization.

Yet the evolution of our society means that an increasing number of children show signs of high stress, agitation, anxiety from an increasingly early age.

As a mum of two boys, I use Reiki on a daily basis to:

  • Help develop emotional intelligence in myself and my children.

  • Provide inner security to welcome emotions instead of avoiding them.

  • Support a MORE child (explosive, energetic, anxious, etc.) to refocus and ground themselves.

My kids describe Reiki as “the magic touch that feels good and helps you feel better when something is wrong.” I think it is a great explanation for kids to understand. I even use this explanation sometimes when an adult asks me to describe Reiki in one sentence. I’ve also taught my kids Reiki. They know that they have Reiki to help themselves and each other. That’s powerful. I’m a little jealous. I wish I knew Reiki when I was a kid.

How can we share the practise of

meditation and Reiki with our children?

Benefits of meditation for children

Meditation is a great tool for finding peace and inner balance in our busy lives, which is why we practise meditation. Associated with Reiki, meditation is "energetic and soothing".

A couple of years ago when my oldest son had anger issues, meditation relaxed him, helped him calm down faster from his intense emotions. My youngest had bad dreams, and Reiki energy combined with hugs helped him release the negative emotions associated with his dream and get back to sleep. Self healing with Reiki also would help me release the stress from the day when I went to sleep at night, and helped me feel calmer and more balanced to deal with all of the demands of being a working mom.

The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have published the results of their research and announce a rate of two million children in the United States with deficit disorder attention with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) between 2003 and 2012, more than a million take medication. Ten years later the numbers have obviously increased.

What is most worrying is that most diagnoses begin before the age of six.

A study by the National Therapies Research Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, Australia, found significant improvements in ADHD symptoms with children who were taught to meditate. attention span and less hyperactivity.

Other side effects were encouraging: Improved relationship with their parents, better sense of self-esteem

Teaching children, as early as possible, some meditation techniques can help them cope with stress, develop a healthier life and a better understanding of life in society.

Children tend to copy the behaviour of their parents. You just have to give them an example by simply offering them a nice journey in meditation. A way to tell them a story while calming down, eyes closed. They ob

serve us, can accompany us during this break, we can suggest that they observe a few minutes of silence with us to start the day.

Less easy but possible, the Practice of Silence

Schedule a time in the day to dedicate to silence. Even if it should only last a quarter of an hour, or even a little more, it will be pure happiness for you and a great lesson for the children.

You can turn this experience into a game, against a background of zen music, to compete in who will be the quietest for as long as possible. It is also a challenge for parents! Possible bursts of laughter are assured after meditation, laughter is a form of meditation.

Centre yourself, call Reiki together. Gradually calm will settle.

Meditation should be fun for them. Reiki really helps to relax the atmosphere. Play with Reiki Energy. Let yourself be carried away, adults reveal their inner child. Become a child again...

Start short and simple

Many experts recommend one minute of meditation per year of age, starting at age eight. If children are diagnosed with ADHD before age six, it may help to start earlier. Some children are more receptive than others to meditation, with or without Reiki in any case it should be fun.

Children with ADHD exhibit difficulty concentrating, impulsiveness and restlessness for at least 6 months. These symptoms have a significant impact on daily life, especially if they are associated with other disorders (opposed behaviour, anxiety, dyslexia, etc.)

Pranayama (breathing exercises)

This could be translated as "the art of knowing how to breathe", "the vitality of the breath".

This term 'pranayama' is made up of the Sanskrit words 'prana': energy and 'ayama': vitality.

The breath, the respiration and the universal Vital Energy are totally linked. Controlling your breathing by meditating rests, relaxes, and evacuates stress. "Prana" is also in a way the Sanskrit name for Reiki.

A very effective breathing technique among many others, the Nadi Shodhana (alternating breathing from one nostril to the other): it helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain and leads to better cognitive development. You can start with a simple version, inhaling deeply through the right nostril blocking the left then exhaling fully through the left nostril blocking the right nostril several times, then reversing.

Reiki Energy Visualisation.

Many children like to be told a story before bedtime. Visualisation makes the imagination work, it is a very accessible inner journey for children.

Lying down or sitting in a meditation position, eyes closed, offer them a magical journey in 7 colours, the colours of the rainbow, on each of the 7 chakras, from bottom to top then from top to bottom while breathing deeply.

A freeze frame for each chakra, its colour... From which chakra will the child fall asleep?

INVIGORATING CHAKRAS: Hang a chart or representation of the chakras (seven main energy centres in the body).

Point to a chakra and its colour (7 colours of the rainbow) and ask them to imagine that color at the location of that chakra on and around their body. Do the same with the 7 chakras in the order that suits you at the beginning.

After meditating on the colour of the chakras, ask them to keep their eyes closed for a while and observe how they feel. This is a powerful meditation tool that can help children become aware of the effects of chakra activation.

SINGING, SOUNDS, Sing together using the Mantras.

Children love to sing. Singing improves attention and concentration and has powerful effects on brain development.


OM is the sound of the universe and divine intelligence: children can connect with it! Allow your little ones to play with the tone and volume of their OM and go at their own pace. The sound may vary, let their creativity run wild with the OM sound.

The Reiki Massage

Besides the wide range of health benefits that massage provides, this is one of the most awesome ways to get your kids to love meditation.

Massage not only creates body awareness, but also provides space for a deep loving connection between you and your child. Ask him to tell you the areas he or she would like to be massaged.

If you are initiated into Reiki, call Reiki into your hands before the massage as your Reiki Master has taught you.

Be creative

Here are some other creative ways to incorporate Reiki and meditation into your children's lives.

Prepare a space for meditation together at home, the place where we pass into another dimension. Fill this place with Reiki, beautiful and good intentions.

Don't force children to agree if they don't want to.

Reiki is not to be imposed

The main objective here is not to force your children to meditate, but to intrigue them, to make them want to discover a way to travel, to dream, differently and consciously, in the Energy. Make it a fun and positive experience, a sharing, a game, a habit.

You are interested in Reiki and you want to learn Reiki level 1, check out our next Reiki courses

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