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The Five Reiki Principles or The Gokai (Go = 5, Kai = principles)

Kyo dake wa – Just for today

Ikaru na – Do not be angry

Shin pai suna – Do not worry

Kan sha shi te – Be grateful

Gyo-o hage me – Take responsibility and fully do what you’re here to do

Hito ni shin setsu ni – Be kind to others

For Mikao Usui, Usui Reiki is represented 50% by the precepts of life and 50% by energy. He said :

“To integrate my teachings and training, to experience them physically and spiritually, and to live righteously in our human condition, we must first take care of our way of thinking and secondly, we must keep our bodies healthy. If our thinking is healthy and consistent with the truth, the body naturally maintains its good shape. The mission of the Usui natural healing method is to lead to a peaceful and happy life for oneself, and to also invite one to care for others and provide them with well-being.” Mikao Usui Sensei

Mikao Usui recommended that his students repeat them morning and evening in the form of a song in order to keep them in mind. He said :

“Every morning and evening, sit in silence, fold your hands in prayer and chant the precepts. A purified and healthy psyche will result. » Mikao Usui Sensei

He called it the secret method of attracting happiness and the spiritual cure for all illnesses.

Fundamental basis of Mikao Usui's teaching, the 5 ideals of Reiki come from a poem written long ago by Emperor Meiji. They are sometimes very difficult to apply on a daily basis as our mental patterns are anchored in our behavior in the face of different situations we experience.

Just for today, I free myself from all anger.

When we have lost control over a situation or a person, we feel “overwhelmed” by it and we are angry. To free ourselves from anger, two possibilities are available to us:

  • If the anger is too strong, we can go and express it “elsewhere” by shouting outside, by hitting a cushion, or by using our creative and artistic talents,

  • or if we manage to step back, we can play spectator to our emotions and let them exist without overwhelming us, and then understand their origin.

Finally, it is important not to blame yourself for feeling such emotions.

Just for today, I free myself from all worries.

Worry often arises from our fear of change, of the unknown and of what could happen to us tomorrow.

There are two days each week that should be free from fear and apprehension: YESTERDAY, with its errors, its worries, its sorrows but yesterday is no more, and TOMORROW, with its possible errors, its burdens, its hopes but tomorrow does not yet exist. It remains TODAY, here and now.

If a problem has a solution, why bother? If a problem has no solution, why worry? We must try to refocus to return to the present moment in order to regain confidence in life and in ourselves.

Just for today, I give thanks for my many blessings, I honor my parents, my teachers and my ancestors.

In Asia, respect for the teacher, and for the teaching, is automatic and spontaneous. By “teaching” we understand any life experience that helps us transform ourselves and by “teacher” any person who helps us live the experience. So let us know how to appreciate each experience with a fresh perspective, each person as a bearer of the spark of life and let us know how to thank for all of this.

Just for today, I live my life honestly.

The desire for recognition and the fear of being rejected push us to play roles and deny certain aspects of our personality. Living your life honestly means being honest with others but also with yourself. It’s accepting who we are, what we need and behaving accordingly.

Just for today, I respect life around me in all forms.

This ideal invites us to live in harmony on our planet, while remaining faithful to who we are; respecting in their respective modes of operation, the four kingdoms: human, animal, plant, mineral, and the four vital elements: earth, water, fire, air, resulting from universal energy.

It also refers to the fact that everything that happens within us is reflected in our life. And that our way of understanding the world necessarily influences our existence and vice versa.

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