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Learning to manage your emotions can be very difficult to implement when we don't know how to do it!

Besides, have you ever tried to manage your anger? Perhaps you tried to mentally repeat to yourself: “don’t get angry, don’t get angry…”? However, you know as well as I do that repressed anger returns sooner or later with greater intensity! However, if this anger is unleashed as it is, it can cause a lot of damage...

So how can we manage this anger and all these emotions that we feel on a daily basis?

Much deeper than a mental approach, I guide you through this article towards a true reconnection with yourself. To do this, we will use the most sincere tool that is available to you 24/7: your body!

Unlike the mind, messages from our body will never lie to us. Reiki healing guides you towards the release of your emotions through awareness of your body. Releasing takes place in 3 stages, each as powerful as the next, in order to free yourself definitively. But, let’s start by understanding what an emotion really is…

What is an emotion?

Defining an emotion as “sadness, joy, anger, shame, guilt and excitement” would reduce it considerably!

An emotion is positioned at the level of our vibrational plane. It materialises through vibrations then is felt through more or less powerful reactions in our body.

When an emotion is repressed, its vibration becomes blocked in our body. Some time later, when a similar situation arises, this crystallised vibration reactivates, giving way to an emotion similar to the one that had been repressed.

To illustrate my words, I will give you an example:

Around the age of 6, in the schoolyard, another child made fun of your body by telling you that you were “fat.” You felt deeply humiliated, but... You didn't say anything! This emotion was not experienced, so this resulted in: a blocked vibration!

You are now an adult, a member of your family is thinking about your physique. This immediately triggers a reaction in you of humiliation followed by anger and then sadness! As long as you do not definitively free yourself from this vibration, it will reactivate in a similar situation...

And worse still, the Law of Vibration states: “We attract to us what we vibrate!” This Law is the foundation of Reiki healing! This means that as long as you carry this vibration inside you, you attract situations that will trigger this vibration!

It is crucial to understand that these emotions can have various origins, notably linked to our early childhood, to our karmic, transgenerational memories, and many others. But Reiki healing does not concern itself with the origin of the vibrations, it focuses on WHAT EXISTS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, namely: your bodily sensations triggered by emotion.

Understanding the origin of a blockage is not necessary to free yourself

I see certain people starting a whole research project on their past lives, their family history or more generally their past. However, if we only limit ourselves to this interpretation, there is a strong risk of only stopping at the mental level...

We can convince ourselves of certain things, position ourselves on tons of rational reasoning... This will not work as long as at the vibrational level, there has been no change!

The process of liberation to control one's emotions is never on the mental level. It is located at the level of the VIBRATORY plane.

What we are experiencing today, in the present moment, is a vibrational consequence of what may have happened: in our past, in our intrauterine life, in our transgenerational baggage, in our previous lives...

When we experience a situation, our automatic programs which depend on all these past vibrations are activated in us! Our reactions and emotions are therefore in no way free at that moment because they are automatically activated in the energy of the past...

The good news is that even though these vibrations come from the past, they are clearly present in our present! We can access it thanks to the feelings we have in our body! (This is great news for old souls hehe.) Because those unpleasant sensations we feel in our bodies are actually vibrations...

But then, how can we free ourselves from these vibrations and therefore learn to manage our emotions?

The process of learning to control your emotions

Take responsibility to manage your emotions!

Before diving concretely into the 3 steps that will allow you to manage your emotions, adopting a certain posture towards each situation is ESSENTIAL!

Your state of mind is and will remain your greatest ally!

The following lines are difficult for the ego to hear, but they are FUNDAMENTAL for your inner evolution:

“No liberation is possible as long as you think your emotions are being triggered by another person…”

Your emotions are only triggered because you carry these vibrations within you!

If you put your emotional state in the hands of others, you will never be a master of yourself... You will not give yourself the opportunity to free yourself and therefore build your life from your true Being. If you don't take your emotional responsibilities, your future will be built from your wounded parts...

When we take back our power, we realise that each of our emotions is an opportunity to free ourselves!

Let's take an example :

A big anger is triggered inside you... Your heart rate accelerates, your jaw clenches, your chest compresses, you are about to EXPLODE!

You surely have your reasons to be angry!

BUT, is this annoyance taking you up? Do you feel in control of yourself at that moment? Aren't you ultimately a victim of the person who pulled that precious trigger? Does this make you feel good inside?

  Hmm...I think you have your answers...🤷‍♀️


Knowing how to control your emotions greatly contributes to your development and your inner peace.

Let's now move on to these famous 3 stages of release...

The 3 fundamental steps to controlling your emotions:


1. The first step: Be aware of your feelings!

 This step is essential in discovering one's own functioning... Becoming aware simply means: focusing on an element!

To learn to manage your emotions, you must start by becoming aware of your feelings on the following 3 levels:

Mental: “I am thinking and telling myself that this person was unfair to me! I place my focus on the fact that I have this thought coming to me.”

Physical: “I have a stomach ache, I place my concentration in the area where my stomach hurts.”

Emotional: “I feel sad, I feel a compression in my chest, I place myself in this sensation”.

Your emotion can be triggered on one of these 3 levels, observe what is happening inside you...

2. The second step: Welcome these emotional sensations!

The physical level and the emotional level allow you to directly locate blockages in your body!

⇾ Focus on what is happening in these specific places, feel and welcome your sensations, let them live without making any judgement!

Regarding the mental level, it requires an additional step! You will have to observe what your thought provokes in you emotionally speaking!

🤔 Does this thought make me angry, and what does this anger cause in my body? Where are my feelings located?

🤔 Does this thought cause me stress? How does this stress manifest in me?

⇾ Once you have located this sensation in your body, feel it and welcome it. Let go and let this feeling live within you…

💡 The little extra that I recommend you use is a mirror! Feel your sensations, and look at yourself at the same time. Focus your gaze on one eye if that is easier for you... Don't they say that the gaze reflects our soul? This tool is there to support you, but also to allow you to learn to free yourself when your eyes are open. The goal of this Method is to use these 3 steps when you are in a situation!

3. The third step: Getting back into motion until emotional liberation!

  • If you have already experienced the first two steps, the following few lines will clearly resonate with you!

  • The sensations that you recirculate inside you will move, mutate and develop into other feelings...


           They dissipate completely!

  • When you recirculate this blocked energy, the vibration is put back into motion until it has been fully experienced and released!

  • After a certain moment, all these sensations will give way to inner calm, to true serenity... Your emotion will be entirely released within you!

This may seem very (too?) simple! But, remember, this emotional release does not concern the mental level... As long as this experiment has not been lived, you will NEVER be able to conceptualise it!

Try it, and you will see that at the beginning, this process requires a lot of will and concentration. And that's completely normal. Especially when we have had the habit of repressing our emotions…

But rest assured, as with anything new, with practice, it becomes much simpler!

I wish us the best 💕


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