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Why Training in Usui Reiki?

Develop your intuition

and magnetism

Educational benefits

and goals

Learn how to channel your vital energy and use your own magnetism (everyone has it!).

Preserve its overall balance, increase its immunity.

Giving meaning to your life, sharing it with others.

  • Learn how to channel life forcel energy and harmonise it according to protocols of laying on of hands.

  • Resist daily stress and protect yourself from energy-intensive, sometimes toxic personal and professional contexts.

  • Strengthen your immune system and your aura - Assert yourself, flourish, achieve yourself.

  • Knowing how to relieve loved ones, young and old, as well as anyone who asks for it, by in turn providing energy care by laying on of hands.

  • Reinforce the convalescence process, whatever the declared pathology, by betting on a renewal of vital energy.

  • Strengthening of self-esteem and cultivate an overall balance, that of the body, the heart and the mind.

  • Develop serenity, optimism and joie de vivre in your personal, family and professional life.

The practice of REIKI USUI as a method of relaxation and energy harmonisation is particularly beneficial and appreciated by health professionals, family and professional caregivers, educators and teachers, to act in the prevention of stress and the exhaustion syndrome which constantly threaten them. Taking care of your balance is essential for well-being, health and immunity.

Why train in Reiki?

This learning of an ancestral Japanese energy discipline, whose roots belong to traditional Buddhism, is the most beautiful tribute that we can pay to our unique and individual being. It is the royal road to access our own capacities for harmonisation and energy recovery, prevention and maintenance of a balance in overall health through the self-regulation of our three vibratory bodies: the physical, the emotional and the the mental.

We are continuously bathed in an environment of electromagnetic, telluric and cosmic frequency waves, emitted both matter and light and by our thought-forms made up of intentions, emotions, actions, words. Our biofield (auric envelope) is thus subject to the influences of our environment as well as those of our own adaptation processes. An human being is an energy being whose health depends on the balance of positive (Yang) and negative (Yin) polarities circulating through his physical body. These ionic charges are constantly regulated through energy flows (Chi in Chinese,Ki in Japanese) to ensure their density and quality. Preserving and maintaining one's energy balance means knowing how to eliminate negative overloads, to restore calm and serenity, resistance and immunity, confidence and joie de vivre. It can be learned at any age!

Why is it so easy to train?

Because practice is natural! Every human being has these faculties: to breathe, to relax, to lay hands on their body to connect to their full potential of vital energy, "Ki" in Japanese. These reflex functions all have the same purpose. That of acting in energetic harmonisation of our three vibratory bodies, the physical, the emotional and the mental. Training in Reiki Usui allows you to practise in full awareness and to access controlled behaviour-resources, which can be mobilised at will for yourself and for others. Learning - fundamentally benevolent, is simple and pragmatic. It is based -according to my teaching, on the acquisition or affirmation of a philosophy of life that connects us to the essential of our humanist values, love, understanding, intuition, self-respect and others, humility, gratitude, empathy, self-fulfilment in the double dimension of "giving" and "receiving", finally on an educational content consisting of breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation, laying on of hands protocols with the sole purpose of energy regulation (no physical manipulation, everything is gentle and benevolent towards oneself and towards others, hence the accessibility and the absence of contraindications).

The training durations are short because once the fundamentals have been transmitted, the benefits will depend on the regularity of the practice.

Everyone has their own pace, the rule being to start and above all, listening to their own needs!



1st degree certification training in Reiki Usui (Shoden)

From then on, the AWARENESS of the flows of vital energy and of one's own magnetism thanks to Reiki - becomes a "tool of well-being" associated with an inconceivable letting go before experiencing it! We thus learn to concentrate on the vital energy (Ki in Japanese) that we now know how to channel to act on the imbalances that manifest themselves in our own organism and re-harmonize the metabolism, both physical, mental and emotional. We start by taking care of ourselves by learning the energy self-treatment protocol of Reiki Usui, then we also learn how to relieve our loved ones by offering them a rest and relaxation treatment by simply laying on of hands by mobilising our magnetism.

See detailed training program for Reiki 1

NB: Although it is recommended to practise for at least 3 months before moving on to the next level, I believe that's a personal choice. Trust yourself and you'll know when your are ready for the next level.

Certification training of the 2nd degree of Reiki Usui (Okuden)

This training gives access to the Reiki Practitioner level. It is now a question of learning to use precise symbols (ideograms) attributed to various situations (connection and energy, emotional protection) according to the teaching of traditional Reiki. The power of channelled vital energy is multiplied in order to physically and mentally access specific applications and objectives: energy harmonisation of people (adults, children, adolescents), situations and places, reinforced self-care, care for others strengthened, distance care learning.

See detailed training program for Reiki 2

NB: Although it is recommended to practise for at least 12 months before moving on to the next level, I believe that's a personal choice. Trust yourself and you'll know when your are ready for the next level.

Certification training at the 3rd degree of Reiki Usui (Shinpiden)

You wish to access the level of Master Teacher because you have been practising for some time, certified Shoden and Okuden, according to the traditional teaching of REIKI USUI SHIKI RYOHO and wish to teach others. Your potential for channelling universal vital energy, Reiki in Japanese, will be further increased, refined and sublimated because it is a question of tending always better towards a process of evolution and harmonisation which depends only on oneself. You will move forward in your own path of holistic healing, benefit from a clearer source for you and for others. The teaching of the “GOKUI KAIDE” mastery is one of Oneness, you will awaken to the reality that you and the universe are ONE. Thus, your self-care, treatments to others face-to-face and remotely, in contexts and situations to be harmonised, will be reinforced. The associated meditative and energetic practices allow this sensitivity which is particularly beneficial for oneself and for others. Namely: the additional Master Teacher module called GOKUI KAIDEN is accessible after a year of practice as a Master Practitioner.

See detailed training program for Reiki 3 Master Teacher.


Following your training, workshops and Reiki shares are organised regularly throughout the year. Reserved for the practice of Reiki Usui, they are an opportunity to exchange energy treatments in an ethical and friendly setting.

Knowledge enhancement modules are also offered several times a year.

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