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Updated: Feb 11

Gratitude changes everything

Gratitude, a word often heard, but whose true meaning can sometimes escape us. At first glance, gratitude may seem like a simple expression of appreciation or politeness, but in reality, it goes far beyond these simple concepts...

Discreetly, this practice embodies a powerful transformative force. By diving into the heart of this practice, we discover aspects essential to happiness, such as: confidence in life, acceptance of what is, as well as a deep understanding of the Law of Vibration.

Let's explore together the enchanting properties of this practice which can transform our lives...

At the end of the article, I will offer three gratitude practices to start today!

What does gratitude mean?

Gratitude is the ability to become aware of and appreciate every aspect of one's life. It's an attitude that may seem "accessory" in everyday life, but this attitude towards life changes our way of seeing the world! When we are grateful, we focus on what we already have rather than what we don't have!

This perception allows us to feel more happiness and bring more awareness into our lives. But that's not all…

Living without being rewarding: the infernal cycle

When we observe most human beings on Earth, we realize that the human condition is marked by an infernal cycle that oscillates between lack and desires. When a “need” is satisfied, a moment of contentment emerges. However, this state is often fleeting.

This is what can lead to constant dissatisfaction and cause us to vibrate on vibrations of lack... And the Law of Vibration will not fail to remind you that it exists...

What for?

When we vibrate on frequencies of lack and frustration, daily life can be challenging...

The Law of Vibration and gratitude

What is the law of Vibration?

Everything in the universe is vibration and the Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in motion and emits a vibrational frequency. This law suggests that every particle, atom, object, thought, emotion, and even human consciousness, has a specific vibration.

This law of the universe states that we attract to us what we vibrate.

What about the vibrations of lack and gratitude?

Before explaining vibrations to you more concretely, I wanted to start by explaining to you through an example what they can generate in your life and thus create your reality.

Vibrations create your reality

Let's imagine a person who carries within them a vibration of lack, which means that they constantly feel a feeling of deprivation or dissatisfaction in their life.

This vibration can manifest itself in different ways in various aspects of one's existence.

Let's take the example of Carrie who carries vibrations of lack:

Carrie, a young woman, has always felt a deep sense of lack in her life. Although she has a stable job and friendly relationships, she can't help but feel an emptiness inside. This feeling of lack pushes her to constantly seek external validation to fill this feeling.

One day, Carrie is invited to a party by close friends. In her quest to fill this void, she begins to seek approval and attention from others. She talks a lot about her accomplishments and material possessions, hoping that this will make her feel more valued.

However, instead of feeling fulfilled, Carrie notices that the other guests are starting to distance themselves from her, tired of hearing her systematically put herself forward without taking them into consideration...

This creates a vicious circle where the more she feels the lack, the more she seeks to fill it, thus leading to a reinforcement of her feelings of emptiness.

This example illustrates how carrying a vibration of lack can influence a person's choices and behaviours. This creates repetitive patterns and therefore daily life…

Are you starting to realise why gratitude is important every day? Not yet ?

Let’s continue to explore the vibrations of lack…

The vibrations of lack

By not being aware of the happiness that is already offered to us, we vibrate with vibrations of lack...

And rest assured, it’s completely normal, don’t judge yourself. It is not possible to function otherwise until the day we realise it...

This type of vibration is often associated with a low vibrational frequency. When we feel lacking, our thoughts and emotions emit negative energy that vibrates at this same frequency. We can then unconsciously attract experiences that correspond to this energetic state.

If we are constantly thinking about what we don't have, what we lack, what bothers us, guess what you will attract to yourself...?

These vibrations of lack clearly will not help you increase your vibration rate.

That’s why it’s important to take time every day to be grateful…

Sometimes it can be difficult to free yourself from these vibrations of lack, especially when you try to separate yourself from them mentally. I speak about the liberation process in this article.

The Law of Vibration is a major aspect to take into account, because it reveals the importance of gratitude… However, being gratifying opens the door to other paths to true happiness…

Trust in Life

Gratitude opens the door to feeling faith in life. By expressing gratitude for every aspect of our existence, we develop a deep trust in the flow of life itself.

Gratitude teaches us to see the beauty in the details, to appreciate the simple moments, and to recognise the lessons hidden in challenges. By cultivating this state of mind, we gradually let go of the burden of doubt and uncertainty.

When we are grateful, because we learn to let go, accept what is, and embrace the constant flow of change.

Acceptance of  What Is

By recognising and appreciating every aspect of our lives, even the seemingly simple or difficult aspects, we develop a deep acceptance of reality as it presents itself.

Gratitude guides us to overcome resistance and welcome circumstances with an open heart. By cultivating this mindset, we discover peace through unconditional acceptance of our journey.

Gratitude teaches us to see beauty in what might seem imperfect, to find grace in difficult times, and to recognise that each experience contributes to the richness of our existence.

Are you ready to start this great experience today?

3 ways to express gratitude

1- Gratitude journal: Take a few minutes each day to write in a gratitude journal. Write down three things you are grateful for that day. By focusing on the positive aspects of your day, you train your mind to recognise and appreciate the many little joys in life.

2 - Gratitude meditation: Dedicate a short moment of your day to meditate. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on the aspects of your life for which you are grateful. Visualise these elements with gratitude and feel the warmth of this emotion.

3- Expressions of thanks: Get into the habit of expressing your gratitude to others. Every day, choose at least one person to whom you will express your gratitude. This can be done with a simple thank you, a written message or an act of kindness. By showing gratitude to those around you, you help create a positive environment and strengthen connections with others.

By incorporating these simple exercises into your daily routine, you can create a powerful habit of expressing and feeling gratitude.

Gratitude: where to start?

Including a new routine in your life is a process that requires a bit of discipline! Learning to self-discipline will lead you to reveal the most beautiful version of yourself.

So, to begin with, I strongly encourage you to practise gratitude from the day you read these lines, for a full week.

Then, in a week, observe yourself and feel the new vibrations you have integrated.

Have confidence in the accuracy of the Law of Vibration…

I also suggest that you become aware of what is happening in your body on a daily basis. All bodily sensations you feel are vibrations. To become aware of this is to realise that you carry certain memories within you which certainly need to be released.

Visualise the gratitude you might feel when the seed you planted in your daily life blossoms into a beautiful flower.

In my monthly Women's Circle Reiki drumming session, I always have an altar  to express my  gratitude to mother earth

This dimension is so important to include in our life path…

I wish us the best,


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