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How did it all begin?

Childhood and the Invisible

It all started for me as a child...

I was already in contact with the invisible world of like all children and I spent most of my time seeing known or unknown ghosts (entities) but unfortunately I could not talk about it to anyone in my family or in my entourage.


Over the years theses extra-sensory faculties have transformed into clair-voyance, claircognizance, flashes, etc…. taking on more and more importance in my life without really knowing how to tame and master them. I even came to the point of scarring myself and wanting to put an end to all that.


In terms of my family environment, I was raised by a great healer, my wonderful great grandma… Although I did’t understand why there was so much gap between my world and theirs, between what I found essential and what was for adults, between what they said and what they thought, between what they experienced and what they vibrated… 

Everything seemed strange to me, offbeat!


You know the feeling where you feel like you are an integral part of this world but you are not of this world...

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Experiences to Understand Life

So… this deep search to understand Life in its entirety was born in me!

And it was easier for me to start understanding myself individually….

Fortunately, I was well guided by my little voice and I had an adventurous side, a little rebellious which pushed me to experience things for myself and made me systematically refuse all the pre-established boxes, the stereotypes, the dogmas that was imposed on me...

The more I entered into this quest for myself, the more life experiences came one after the other at my expense (illnesses, moral and sexual harassment, etc.)

But thanks to which I was able to integrate everything I assimilated into my life.

Then, after having my 2nd son in 2014, I had the chance to meet a great trance medium Elizabeth Robert at the College of Psychic in London. I joined her experimental spiritual group where we met once a week to carry out various group experiences worthy of Harry Potter.

Which allowed me to learn more about my abilities, about group energy, the collective, the different spiritual currents and traditions, the various spiritual practices and also less sympathetic facets of the community which did not have god only for one person: their guru and who gave them all their power! I got out quickly but not without problems!


This personal initiatory journey gradually made me aware of my potential and taught me to no longer submit to them but to use them, to master them.

Education Is A Mission:

Guide Each Being to Find Yourself

"It has always been easier for me naturally to be in contact with children, a bit like a magnetic attraction between us which cannot be explained by words but which is lived intensely, eye to the non-verbal … telepathically!"


Reiki is a special gift I share with my children.
They call it magic touch and they love it. Besides, they were my first students... 


So... an idea began to emerge in me "If I could teach all these things to children..." "If I helped children to become aware of themselves, to love themselves, to esteem themselves" and this from the youngest age?.... And what could be better than accompanying children who were going through the same questions and experiences that I myself had gone through when I was younger.


And everything became clear to me, in a flash, the little voice: “You have to offer an after school course to teach Reiki to children! »!


And I didn't stop there, I created a parent-child spiritual retreat to support future parents. , educators, facilitators to learn to BE and live consciously with children.


The world of tomorrow is being built thanks to the children of today!

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